b'WHAT CAN XO S P I R I T S B R A &DYN O A N G CCC O G N A C , B R A N D Y & A R M A G N A CP I S C OBE FOUNDON THE PRODUCT NAME COUNTRY ABV SIZE PRODUCT NAME COUNTRY ABV SIZELABEL Barsol Italylia Pisco Peru 40.0 % 70cl Lacaravedo Pisco Peru 41.0 % 70clBarsol Quebranta Pisco Peru 40.0 % 70cl Pisco 1615 Quebranta Peru 42.0 % 70clCapel Pisco Chile 40.0 % 70cl Pisco Aba Chile 40.0 % 50clCapel Reservado Moai PiscoChile 40.0 % 70cl Pisco Porton Peru 43.0 % 70clX Heron by Pisco Waqar Chile 40.0 % 50clA.C. C A C H AATwo years old. Aged in wood A s youre probably aware, SpiritPRODUCT NAME COUNTRY ABV SIZE PRODUCT NAME COUNTRY ABV SIZEV.O. labels can be a bit confusingVery Old even with the heroic regulationCachaca Ypioca Prata Brazil 40.0 % 70cl Velho Barriero Cachaca Gold Brazil 39.0 % 70clAged a minimum of four years efforts of the Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau, theres a lotCachaca 51 Brazil 40.0 % 70cl Cachaca Leblon Brazil 40.0 % 75clV.S. of information to take in. Very Special Sagatiba Pura Cachaca Brazil 38.0 % 70cl CapucanaBrazil 42.0 % 70clThree years of aging in wooden casks. VeryAnd while something like whiskey often called Three Star (or whisky) might confuse withAbelha Silver Organic Brazil 39.0 % 75cl Pitu Brazil 40.0 % 70clits Straight Bourbons, Single V.S.O.P. Malts, Blended Grains, and soVelho Barriero Cachaca Brazil 39.0 % 75clVery Superior Old Pale on, nowhere is the alphabet soup Minimum aging is eight years in wood for theof spirits labelling so confusing as with Cognac and Armagnac, youngest in the blend. Industry average isFrances two famous BrandyS C H N A P P Sbetween 10 and 15 years old, which is why itsregions. sometimes known as Five StarYouve seen themletters likePRODUCT NAME COUNTRY ABV SIZE PRODUCT NAME COUNTRY ABV SIZEX.O. V.S., A.C., X.O.So what does it allArchers Peach England 18.0 % 70cl Teichenne Elderflower Spain 17.0 % 70clExtra Old mean? Before you try to rearrange Also called Luxury. Has a minimum age of eightthe letters like some kind ofArchers Peach England 18.0 % 1.5 Ltr Teichenne Green Apple Spain 17.0 % 70clyears. This class also can include Napoleon andSunday jumble, just remember Vielle (Reserve) this: all the letters on any bottleBerentzen Apflekorn Germany 18.0 % 70cl Teichenne Peach Spain 17.0 % 70clNapoleon/Extra/Vielle Reserve Napoleonof Cognac or Armagnac youll seeTeichenne Butterscotch Spain 17.0 % 70cl Teichenne Raspberry Spain 17.0 % 70clhad nothing to do with it, except to order thisrefer to one thing: ageing. type of Cognac. At least four years old, butTeichenne Chocolate Spain 17.0 % 70cl Teichenne Strawberry Spain 17.0 % 70clgenerally much older than that Not that that means any of its simple since aging standardsTeichenne Coconut Spain 17.0 % 70cl Teichenne Vanilla Spain 17.0 % 70clVarietal really just set minimums (as in Made using only one type of varietal grape the minimum number of years any component of the blend in the Vintage bottle).G R A P P AAged and was put into the bottle in the year ofBut many Cognac and ArmagnacCOUNTRY COUNTRYthe vintage houses will age well beyondPRODUCT NAME ABV SIZE PRODUCT NAME ABV SIZEHors dAge set minimums, meaning qualityBocchino Italy 40.0 % 50cl Tosolini Grappa Di Cividina Tipica Italy 40.0 % 70clToo old to figure out the age. A true gem can vary. Best is to buy in theNardini Grappa Bianca Italy 45.0 % 70cl Tosolini Grappa Di Merlot Italy 40.0 % 50clmoderate range, read some Cru reviews, see what you like, andNardini Grappa Bianca Italy 50.0 % 70cl Tosolini Grappa Di Moscato Italy 40.0 % 50clNot a statement of age, but place, basically thego from there (that is, dont growing region, which youll see more often onnecessarily start with anythingNardini Grappa Riserva Italy 40.0 % 70cl Tosolini Grappa Di Pinot Grigio Italy 40.0 % 50clCognac (which has six official growing regions). extra or superior, unless youve got cash to spend). Tosolini Grappa Agricola Italy 50.0 % 50cl Tosolini Grappa Di Prosecco Italy 40.0 % 50clTosolini Grappa Di Chardonnay Italy 40.0 % 50clINN EXPRESS - DRINKS PORTFOLIO 2019|20 - COGNAC, BRANDY & ARMAGNAC INN EXPRESS - DRINKS PORTFOLIO 2019|20 - COGNAC, BRANDY & ARMAGNAC 93'