b'Bons Boisoften more affordable CognacOUZO(about 12% of production)alternative. Three sub-regionsFrom Greece, is also made from exist within Armagnac and, aspomace, however, its flavored These Eaux-de-vie age quickly.opposed to Cognacs doublewith anise and potentially otheralembic still distillation, brandyherbs, so is not technically a Bois Ordinaires production in the area typicallybrandy.(about 1% of production)involves a single distillation using column stills.PALINKASimilar to Bons Bois, but withArmagnacs spirit classificationA Hungarian fruit brandy that more rustic character.system is similar to Cognacs.dates back to the 14th century.Here though, V.S.O.P. indicatesPalenka, meanwhile, comes Each cru (region) has a specifica minimum age of five years,from the Czech Republic and character and gives differentrather than four, X.O. is staysSlovakia.aromas to wines and eau-de- put at six years, and Hors dAge vie. If you do not see any ofindicates a minimum of 10 yearsPISCOthese names on the label, itA Peruvian brandy, although is almost for sure a blend ofBRANDIES FROM AROUNDChile makes it too under different aged eaux-de-vie fromTHE WORLD different classifications and different areas. Although, wethe two nations battle over the can also find single varietalBRANDY DE JEREZ term. As opposed to Cognac, Cognac brandies from eachA Spanish brandy made in thewith mandatory oak barrel cru. Exciting! If there is 1erJerez region of Andalusia.aging, Peruvian pisco cannot be Cru written on the label, it isaged in wood.a Cognac solely from GrandeCALVADOSChampagne. Hails from France, however, itsRAKIAan apple brandy and must comeA Balkan fruit brandy, but its ARMAGNAC from the Normandy region. not to be confused with Raki, a Turkish anise-flavored spirit Armagnac, an aged FrenchGRAPPA distilled from grape pomacela brandy hailing from a regionAn Italian pomace brandy, madeOuzo.south of Cognac, has startedfrom the pomace left over after to gain traction in the UK as anwinemaking. SCHNAPPSA broad classification of fruit brandies from Germany.WHATS ON THE BOTTLE?Keep reading to see what to look for on a label.INN EXPRESS - DRINKS PORTFOLIO 2019|20 - COGNAC, BRANDY & ARMAGNAC 91'