b'Gin botanicals GarnishS P I R I T SG I N[gahr-nish]Popular botanicals and flavouring agents for gin often include citrus elements, such as lemon and bitter orange peel, as well as a combination of other spice, the more popular ofVerbwhich include anise, angelica root and seed, orris root, liquorice root, cinnamon, almond,Decorate or embellish (something, especially food)cubeb, savory, lime peel, grapefruit peel, saffron, frankincense, coriander, grains of paradise, nutmeg, cardamom, cassia bark, ginger, and others. NounA small amount of food used to decorate other food.OriginMiddle English (in the sense equip, arm): from Old French garnir, probably of Germanic origin and related to warn. Garnish (Sense 1 of the verb) dates from the late 17th centuryJUNIPER CORIANDER DRIED ANGELICATHE CLASSICSAstheginboomcontinuesLangleys No 8, Tanqueray 10,, Masons Yorkshire Gintosurgeinpopularity,weveCitrus twistANISEDRIED seentheuseofgarnisheshasFresh MintSEED LIQUORICE GINGER changed hugely in recent years. Juniper berriesWhatevergarnishchosenisCITRUSultimatelydowntopersonalMalfy, Cotswold Distillery Dry, Beefeater 24choicebutgarnishescantotallyPink Grapefruittransform the humble Gin & TonicLime/LemontoabeautifullookingdrinkandFresh Gingerenhance the aroma and flavour of GRAINSDRIEDthe gin. FLORALLAVENDER OFCITRUSHendricks, Whitley Neill, BathtubPARADISE PEEL GarnishescanuseanexistingRaspberriesbotanical to enhance the flavour:Strawberriesusealemontwistforcitrus-ledEdible FlowersJuniperus Communis or the common Juniper grows in many forms from rise low spreading shrubs to trees exceeding 10 meters in height. The femalegins or a slice of pink grapefruit inHERBACEOUSthe of the humble your Cotswold Dry. Alternatively, Juniper berry or seed cone is what we need for gin and these, depending on theit can complement the flavour ofEden Mill, Gin Mare, Botanist, Gin Mare, Masons teaclimate where the Juniper grows, take up to 18 months to ripen and have aGreen Applerange of flavours. Such a vital ingredient in gin that it is literally criminal tothe botanicals, garnishing a floralCucumberleave it out. By law, Juniper has to be the dominant flavour of any alcoholicgin like Jinzu with a slice of greenFresh Thyme/Basil/Rosemarybeverage which is seeking to be classified as gin.Gin is so tied with thisappleparticular berry that the name itself derives from the Dutch word jenever, which literally translates to juniper. In short; gin cannot exist in the absence of Juniper.8 INN EXPRESS - DRINKS PORTFOLIO 2019|20 - GINGin Garnish Summer .indd 1 16/05/2018 16:17:25'