b'N e g r o n i ?DID SOMEBODY SAY.W H AT I S V E R M O U T H ? Far more than just an ingredient in a few classic cocktails.Vermouth is a fortified wine flavoured with various botanicals - roots, barks, flowers, seeds, herbs, and spices. The name comes from Wermut (the German word for wormwood), as historically all vermouth was made using wormwood, which was responsible for giving vermouth its characteristic bitterness.TURIN - WHERE IT ALL BEGANFrench liqueur and absinthe manufacturer Joseph Noilly Like many alcoholic drinks,beingintroduced his recipe for dry vermouths exact originator is avermouth, made from the white much-battled title.However onewines of Languedoc. His son this is clear.Vermouth, such asLouis took over the company in Dutch Genever, for example, was1829 and began exporting his originally drunk for its medicinalabsinthe, liqueurs, and vermouth properties and rose to popularitybeyond Frances borders. In in the 19th century. 1843, his brother-in-law became his partner and the company was The cities of Chambry and Turinrenamed Noilly-Prat. In 1844, the have been jostling for the titlefirst order was shipped to the of the birthplace of vermouth forUnited States. Simultaneously, in a long time now, following the1821 Joseph Chavasse developed division of the Duchy of Savoyhis vermouth in Chambry. Made between France and Italy in thefrom local herbs, this vermouth 19th century. was named Dolin and was the first to be awarded the AOC label THE MOVE INTO FRANCE a century later (1932). The Dolin brand was also responsible for Several well established andselling and marketing the first reputable Italian families beganwhite vermouth. to distribute their vermouth, including the Cinzano family.INVADING THE U.S.Once the family had established their company in Turin, theyCarlo Alberto was displeased quickly developed a networkby the market share taken by of salesmen to expand theirFrench vermouth manufacturers, vermouth sales to France,particularly in the United States. where the aperitif was widelyHe quickly recognised the emulated.In 1813 for example,dangers of having restricted 78 INN EXPRESS - DRINKS PORTFOLIO 2019|20 - VERMOUTH & APRITIFS78'