b'LONDON GINLondon Gin is made in a traditional still by re-distilling ethyl alcohol in the presence of all natural flavourings used.Thegrainethylalcoholusedto distilLondonGinmustbeofaWHAT CANhigherqualitythanthestandardBE FOUNDlaiddownforethylalcohol.TheON THEmethanol level LABELintheethylalcoholmustnot exceed a maximum of 5 grams per hectolitre of 100% vol. alcohol.TheflavouringsusedmustallUnlike other famous spirits where quality is indicated beapprovednaturalflavouringsby industry standard terms such as VSOP, branded and they must impart the flavourquality names such as Paradis or simple age during the distillation process. statements, the gin drinker must be on the look out for different quality indicators. The most meaningful are:The use of artificial flavourings isA BRAND NAMEnot permitted.The development of branded gin was due to several The resultant distillate must havefamous distilling families, all of whom were based in a minimum strength of 70% abv. London. Their secret recipes for the botanicals remain the foremost indicator of style and flavour. No two famous brands taste alike, with each preferring a No flavourings can be added afterdifferent influence from the next.distillation.THE COUNTRY OF ORIGIN/DISTILLATIONFurtherethylalcoholmaybeThe country of origin will also influence the flavour, added after distillation provided itwith some countries preferring heavier juniper or citrus is of the same standard. elements.AsmallamountofsweeteningTHE STYLE OF GINmaybeaddedafterdistillationThe ubiquitous London Dry Gin, Plymouth, Old Tom provided the sugars do not exceedand the various types of Dutch Genever will each 0.1 grams/litre of finished productindicate to the drinker the style of gin one should (the sugar is not discernible and isexpect.addedtosomeproductspurelyTHE STRENGTH OF ALCOHOLfor brand protection purposes). More so than in some other spirits, the strength of gin will also indicate how prominently the botanicals Theonlyothersubstancethatwill feature. This is a direct function of the amount of may be added is water. water added during the reduction process. Some would argue that the ideal is between 4055 % abv. Below London Gin cannot be coloured. this range a gin is less able to hold its flavours and the complexity and balance are thus adversely affected.INN EXPRESS - DRINKS PORTFOLIO 2019|20 - GIN 7'