b'A P I R A T ES L I F E F O R M E . . .NO SE : Theever-satisfyingcombi-nationofsweetnessandspice arethestarsoftheshowor sea.Intensearomasoffruitcake,cinna-monandliquoricematchuptothe impressiveredcolourtodeliveran enjoyable experience from the start.PALATE : Straightforward in taste but not without attitude, its a familiar treacly sweetness that packs the punch. A mixing drink, growingincomplexitytoreleasean added fruitiness when paired with cola and ginger beer. F INISH: A crisp and fulfilling end of soft spice and subtle yet stimulating liquorice. B O R N I N I R E L A N D - C A R I B B E A N M A D E@ R E D B O N N Y R U M R E D B O N N Y R U M . C O M 67Red Bonny and other trademarks are owned by The Red Bonny Spirits Company Limited. 2018 When We Are Giants. ENJOY RED BONNY RESPONSIBLY.'