b'BLENDED BANANARUMDAIQUIRI 50ml Bumbu 40ml Banana Finest Call 20ml Lime juiceServe in Nick and Nora glassRUM returned to growth in 2018, due to FLAVOURS: and garnish with mint sprig. SPICED is the most dynamic area at the moment, driven by strong brands across all quality levels*Rum has increased its share of use in cocktails at a greater rate than any other spiritse.g. There RUM are more cocktails using rum this year than last, particularly Spiced which has gained 6% ***Predicated be to be the next star performerSPICED RUMSource: *IWSR 2019, **WSTA March 2019, ***CGA Mixed Drink Q1 2019BUTTER BEER BOILER MAKER25ml Bumbu 10ml Ginger Real 10ml Pumpkin Real 1 bottle of ChangServe bumbu as a shot on the side, Chang and Reals poured into a glass. Drink to be taken with the shot of Bumbu dropped inside the beerRUM BERRY SODA 50ml Pussers Blue Label 120ml Fentimans Raspberry soda 2 Raspberries 2 Blackberries 2 Cucumber 4 Mint 2 Strawberries The essential guide Serve in copa glass18% ZOMBIE 50ml Pussers Gunpowder 12.5ml Real Mango syrup 12.5ml Real Passionfruit syrup 75ml Pineapple Juice of Mixed Drinks50ml Orange Juice 12.5ml Grenadine drizzle drunk out of home 25ml Finest Call single pressed lime juiceServe in a stein and garnish with passion feature Rum*** fruit half or lime wedge57'