b'GINSOF THELangleys WORLDKing of SohoUKUK A London Dry distilled A perfectly balanced gin ofin the heart of LondonS P I R I T S O FT H EW I N E M A K E Rusing traditional classic taste, Langleys No.8methods. A complex is made with a secret blendspirit crafted with 12CHARDONNAY VODKAof 8 botanicals, harvested atbotanicals to our uniqueSize: 70clABV: 41.9%their freshest. flavour profile. Light citrus and floral aromas and a hint of aniseed on the finish. Made from distilled Chardonnay grapes, this vodka has been developed by the UKs leading winemaker.Best Design & Packaging in SpiritsThe Drinks Business 2018Gold Medal Winner of Ultra-Premium VodkaThe Vodka Masters 2018Scapegrace PINOT NOIR GINNo.209 New Zealand Size: 70clABV: 41.9%USA Highly aromatic gin with delicate aromas of red berries, perfectly balanced with a juniper led palate and citrus finish. This is so much more A meeting of liquid andthan just another pink gin - this is Pinot Noir Gin.Five times distilled, thispeople. Scapegrace super premium gin is madeis an artisan dry ginSilver Medal Winner of The Super Premium Gin - The Gin Masters 2019in a small distillery buildwith a New Zealand over water overlooking Sanslant. Combining craftBACCHUS GINFrancisco Harbour. No.209with conviviality; 12Size: 70clABV: 41.9%is a modern gin made frombotanicals, distilled at the finest botanicals fromthe foot hills of the iceHighly aromatic gin with intense aromas dominated by ripe citrus fruit with a herbal finish. Created using distilled grape skins, this gin brings around the world. capped Southern Alps.together winemaking expertise with modern distillation techniques.Best Design & Packaging in SpiritsThe Drinks Business 2018Gold Medal Winner of The Super Premium GinThe Gin Masters 2019For more information, trainings or POS please contact your local Hi-Spirits representative or info@hi-spirits.comTOAD21/02/2018 12:40OxfordDry Gin MADEINOXFORDFromgrain-to-glassusingorganic,exclusive,heritagegrainTHEOXFORDARTISANDISTILLERY CHAPELDOWN.COM 51www.spiritoftoad.com'