b'Hand crafted in the Welsh MarchesClassic gin botanicals: juniper, coriander, angelica and orris are skilfully blendedwith a range of natural spices, flowers and fruits, in our hand-made copper stillsJoy and Felicity, creating a range of classic premium dry gins with a twistNo. 1 - LUDLOW DRYNo. 2 - TRIPLE CITRUSA classic dry gin with subtle notes of lemon,& POMEGRANATEorange, cardamom and hand-picked gorseStrong and lingering notes of lemon, orange flowers, evoking the gentle scent of theand cardamom are combined with refreshing Shropshire hillsides; a truly premium dry ginpink grapefruit and the sweetness of with exceptional length pomegranate to create a smooth finishthat lingers on the palatePerfect as a classic martini, or served long as a gin and tonic, with plenty of ice and a slice of lime Serve with a slice of blood orange; perfect witha Mediterranean tonic, neat for those who dareNo. 3 - SPICED No. 4 - HIBISCUS, ORANGEA taste of the Orient with fragrant spices:& PINK PEPPERCORNginger, nutmeg, caraway, cubeb, A seriously smooth and intense spirit with an grains of paradise, liquorice, cassia, extraordinary length; sweet, delicately floral, almond, and elderberries for sweetness,just a little heat; our hibiscus, orange and pink- creating a gin full of eastern promise peppercorn gin is truly something to savourChoose a slice of fig, or perhaps some star anise;We love this one naked, sipped neat;perfect with an aromatic tonic or ginger ale it may even put hairs on your chest gin@ludlowgin.co.uk|www.ludlowgin.co.uk 49'