b"MO_MM_Onepager_4011.pdf 1 17/06/2019 09:56R E D I C CIDERW E S T O N SM U C H M A R C L E , L E D B U R YWere independently minded and independently made.That means we do things our own way. Not the quick way. Not the easy way. But the right way. And that takes time. Its what makes us as refreshingly real as our Herefordshire cider. What we stand for means something. For five generations weve been going beyond, striving to be genuinely better.PRODUCT NAME ABV % STYLE FORMATS KEY INFOPETStowford Press 4.5 % Sparkling cider 50 30 500ml 330ml 500ml 500ml V GLFURTEEEN -S- -S- x 8 x 12 x 12 x 24 VEGANStowford Press Mixed Berries 4.0 % Berry cider 50 V GLFRUTEEEN -S- VEGANMortimers Orchard 5.0 % Sparkling cider 50 V GLFURTEEEN -S- VEGANMortimers Orchard English Berry 4.0 % Berry cider 50 V GLFURTEEEN -S- VEGANOld Rosie 6.8 % Traditional cider 20 I 500ml V GLFURTEE ENCBB x 12 VEGANMRosies Pig Cloudy Apple 4.2 % Session cloudy cider 1 I 0 20 I V GLUTENYBB BBVEGAN FREE330mlRosies Pig Rhubarb 4.0 % Cloudy cider / Rhubarb 1 I 0 x 12 V GLFURETEENCMBBVEGANMY330mlRosies Pig Raspberry & Elderflower 4.0 % Cloudy cider / Raspberry 1 I 0 x 12 V GLFRUETEE NCYBBVEGANRosies Pig Strawberry & Lime 4.0 % Cloudy cider / Strawberry 1 I 0 V GLU CMYBBVEGAN FRETEEN K500mlWyld Wood 6.0 % Organic cider x 12 V GLFUETEENORGANICVEGAN RCaple Road 5.2 % Dry craft cider 50 330ml V GLFRUTEEEN -S- x 12 VEGANH. Westons Family Reserve 5.0 % Aged still sider 20 I V GLFRTEU E EN BBVEGANH. Westons Vintage Medium Sweet 4.5 % Vintage sparkling 500ml V GLFUTEEEN x 12 VEGAN RH. Westons Vintage Medium Dry 6.5 % Vintage sparkling 500ml V GLFUETEEN x 12 VEGAN RStowford Press Low Alcohol 0.5 % Low alcoholic cider 330mlx 12 V GLFURTEE EN One to watch! VEGANR O S I E ' S P I G R H U B A R BC L O U D Y R H U B A R B C I D E RNamed after our first delivery truck: a pig to start, let alone drive but treat her right, and she'd soon come alive delivering delicious cider throughout the land keeping you refreshed with a drink in hand although nowadays she has long been retired with pride of place in our yard; she forever admired466 INN EXPRESS - DRINKS PORTFOLIO 2019|20 - CIDER"