b"R E D I C CIDERT H A T C H E R SS A N D F O R D , S O M E R S E TOur cidermakers love to marry traditional techniques with state of the art technology to create ciders that are smooth, fresh and full of flavour. Straight from the orchards, our apples are delivered and tipped into our apple bays.Every load is weighed, quality checked and graded. We test sugar levels before picking to ensure only the highest quality fruit enters the mill.PRODUCT NAME ABV % STYLE FORMATS KEY INFODry 4.8 % Dry 50 V GLFRUTEEEN -G- VEGAN50 500ml 500mlGold 4.8 % Medium -G- x 12 x 24 V GLU N VEGAN FRETEE50 500ml 440mlHaze 4.5 % Cloudy -G- x 12 x 24 V GLUVEGAN FRTEEEN 500mlRos New 4.0 % Sweet sparkling x 6 V GLUTEN for 2019VEGAN FREE500mlVintage 7.4 % Oak aged x 12 V GLFUETEEN VEGAN R500mlKaty 7.4 % Single variety x 12 V GLUVEGAN FRTEEEN 50 500mlRascal 4.5 % Full bodied amber -G- x 12 V GLU E EN VEGAN FRTE500mlGreen Goblin 5.0 % Naturally cloudy x 12 V GLFURTEEEN VEGANStan's Cheddar Valley 6.0 % Dry, mellow & smooth 50 20 I V GLFURTEE EN -G- BB VEGAN C I D E R S . . . t i d yStan's Trad 6.0 % Medium, soft & traditional50 20 I V GLFRUETEEN -G- BB VEGANStan's Big Apple 5.0 % Medium, dry & full 20 I V G FRTEE N BBVEGAN LUEOne to watch!T H A T C H E R S R O S S W E E T S P A R K L I N G C I D E RThatchers Ros is made with a blend of naturally sweet, rosy-red dessert apples including Pink Lady, Fuji and Gala to create a deliciously sparklingPEARISCOPE PRONATOPIA FIX UP, LOOK SHARPcider bursting with fruity apple flavours. Best served chilled. PERRY | 4.8% RED CIDER | 6.0% SOUR CIDER | 6.0%20L20L30 KEG464 INN EXPRESS - DRINKS PORTFOLIO 2019|20 - CIDER BIB BIB -S- ONLY"