b'R E D I C CIDERT E M P T E DA R M A G H , I R E L A N DThe Story began back in 2009 when Davy Uprichard and his family established Tempted Cider. The cidery is situated in the Orchard County of Armagh and this too, is the source of dessert and Bramley apples used to make Tempted Cider.Armagh Bramleys have earned Protected Geographical Indication status by the EU for their unique, sharp, clean taste. The Uprichards also source special cider apple varieties from Co.Tipperary.Only the best quality Irish apples get the opportunity to be in a bottle of Tempted.PRODUCT NAME ABV % STYLE FORMATS KEY INFOStrawberry 4.0 % Strawberry cider 500ml x 8 V GLFURTEEEN VEGANElderflower 4.0 % Elderflower cider 500ml x 8 V GLFRUETEEN VEGANDry 5.7 % Dry cider 500ml x 8 V GLFUETEE N VEGAN RMedium 5.4 % Medium cider 500ml x 8 V GLFURTEEEN VEGANSweet 5.0 % Sweet cider 500ml x 8 V GLFUTERE EN VEGANOne to watch!T E M P T E D S T R A W B E R R YThis is a blend of sweet cider, apple juice and Davys own strawberry wine. It is less alcoholic than the other ciders, which Davy achieves this by using large amounts of Tempteds own blend of apple juice.The craft beer &cider collectionSign up to receive weekly lists of our rotating craft beer & cider collection.New beers & brewers added weeklyS C A NT OS I G NU P462INN EXPRESS - DRINKS PORTFOLIO 2019|20 - CIDER'