b"R E D I C CIDERS A N D F O R D O R C H A R D SC R E D I T O N , D E V O NGood cider needs time to develop.Every pint of Sandford Orchards is blended from cider matured between 6 months and 3 years, to develop the rich, smooth complexity that makes our cider special.Every drop of Sandford Orchards cider is made by us. From the beginning, our aim has been simple; to produce top quality ciders from the finest Devon cider apples, like generations of Crediton cider makers before us. Its how we did it in 2002 and how we always will. Proudly, True to our Roots.PRODUCT NAME ABV % STYLE FORMATS KEY INFODevon Red 4.5 % Supreme Session Cider 20 I 50 500ml x 12 330ml BB -S- x 24 V GLFRUETEEN VEGANDevon Mist 4.5 % Hazy Session Cider 20 I 50 500ml x 12BB -S- V GLUTEN VEGAN FREEDevon Dry 5.0 % Dry Session Cider 20 I 50 500ml x 12BB -S- V GLFURETEEN VEGANRib Tickler 5.0 % Fresh Apple Cider Crushed 20 I 500ml x 12by Exeter Chiefs Rugby Players BB V GLFUTEEEN VEGAN RSt Louis 5.5 % 330ml Infused with US Hops x 24 V GLFUETEEN VEGAN RFanny's Bramble 4.0 % 20 I 50 500ml x 12Cider with Blackberries BB -S- V GLUTEN VEGAN FREEOld Blossom 4.0 % 20 I 500ml x 12Cider with Elderflower BB V GLUE N VEGAN FRTEEBerry Lane 4.0 % 20 I 500ml x 12 EN Cider with Raspberries BB V GLURTEEVEGAN FCider Ginger 4.0 % 20 I 500ml x 12 VEGAN GLFRUETEE N Cider with Ginger BB VMidwinter Spice 4.0 % 20 ISpiced Winter Fruit Cider BB V GLUTEE N VEGAN FREDevon Scrumpy 6.0 % 20 I GLUTEN Natural Cloudy Cider BB V FREEVEGANStraw & Oak 6.7 % 20 IStraw Pressed and Oak Aged BB V GLFURTEEEN VEGANCreedy Vintage 7.4 % 20 IBarrel Aged Vintage BB V GLFURETEEN VEGANThe General 8.4 % 20 IAged in Ancient OakBB V GLUVEGAN FRTEEEN Merry Legs 3.8 % 20 ILight Summer Perry BB V G FRE EN VEGAN LUTESlack Ma Girdle 5.8 % 20 IDry West Country Cider BB V GLFURTEEEN VEGANHangy Downs 5.5 % 20 I V GLFURETEE N Medium Sweet, Unfiltered Trad BB VEGANOne to watch!D E V O N R E DS U P R E M E S E S S I O N C I D E RDevon Red is a perfectly balanced, refreshing, medium cider named after the rich red soil that gives our orchards their distinctive quality.460 INN EXPRESS - DRINKS PORTFOLIO 2019|20 - CIDER"