b'THE ARABLE LAND ON THE FARM PRODUCES GRAINS, THE USE OF THESE ALLOWS THE DISTILLERY TO CLAIM ITS STATUS AS SINGLE ESTATE6th Generation Farmers, 1st Generation Distillers SINGLE ESTATE Following the age-old route of the one G I Nshot distilling technique, our Wood THE DISTILLERY on the farm produces grains, theBrothers Single Estate Gin combines use of these allows the distilleryhome-grown herbs, lavender, rosemary to claim its status as Singleand dill, with traditional gin botanicals, The ambition of farmEstate, something rarely found insuch as juniper berries, angelica root diversification was behinddistilleries in the UK. By creatingand citrus peels. This is run through our the entrepreneurial decisionthe base spirit the brothers can for brothers, Ed and Charlie,hold complete control of thecopper pot still, with the only additional to set up The Wood Brothersproducts from seed to glass. Theadditive after the distilling process being Distillery in the 200-year-oldextensive history of the familypure water which blends it down to the stone granary barn on their farmfarm is evident in the brandingperfect bottling strength of 44% ABV.near Bampton on the edge ofand design of the bottles. The the Cotswolds. Historically thecomplex weaving of copper piping farm has produced mushrooms,takes you on a journey and gives farmed livestock, and growninsight into every part of this arable crops, and as a family- history. With the brothers ethos run farm, the brothers have beenof keeping the product local andSINGLE ESTATEactively involved from a youngdrawing on the farms past, theV O D K Aage. However, after working inspirits produced are uniquely the distillery business for severalpersonal. years, with unprecedented knowledge of the systems andTHE SPIRITS Using our soft English winter wheat, Our set up involved, Ed set his eyessingle estate Vodka was the first spirit to on the old barn for their newThe soft English winter wheat thatcome off the still. We use our hand crafted distilling venture. Together withis grown on the farm, when milled, his brother, Charlie, they startedmashed and fermented creates abase spirit and run it through our Carter the task of converting the oldpure, well-rounded base spirit.Head Still with its 9.5m column containing barn. Equipment was ordered, butThis can retain its subtle notes of42 copper plates. Only pure water is then for the most part, the conversion,the grain when distilled to create the design, and finally theSingle Estate Wood Bros Vodkaadded to blend it down to the perfect installation, was a project createdand Gin. As the distillery grows,bottling strength of 40% ABV.and completed by them alone.further products will also be The first spirit was run off thedeveloped, producing a full range still early in 2018. The arable landof British, Single Estate spirits.45'