b"CIDER R E D I CG R U M P Y F R O GI L L M I N G TO N , WA R W I C K S H I R EGrumpy Frogs name is derived from the location of the original orchards from which our apples were collectedGrump Street and Frog Lane, both in the north Cotswolds village of Ilmington which is renowned for its huge variety of apples from very many orchards.Our cider production has become a great community activity, with all the apples being sourced from orchards in Ilmington and the nearby villages. We have embraced the local interest and now attract a significant following in a wide range of establishments. Our Facebook page includes amusing footage of our unique method of apple harvesting! The whole process is tremendous fun and involves the participation of many, many local people of all ages.PRODUCT NAME ABV % STYLE FORMATS KEY INFOGrumpy frog 4.5 % Medium cider 20 I 20Ltr / 10LtrBBH A R D Y A R DA R M A G H , I R E L A N DWe do the hard yardWe don't believe in cutting corners, just making cider. We make it the traditional way using more apples for more flavour.PRODUCT NAME ABV % STYLE FORMATS KEY INFOHard Yard Original 4.5 % Sweet cider 500ml x 12 V GLFRUETEEN VEGANH A W K E S C I D E RL O N D O NFounded in 2013 in Simone Wrights Kitchen. Launching the UKs first craft Ginger Beer, Simon was not content with just L I B E R T I N E creating, selling and delivering his products, our sights were set on tackling the manufactured/forgotten world of Cider.Nowadays a team of 14-strong Hawkers are saving cider one pint at a time.B I T T E R S W E E T / T A N N I C C I D E R PRODUCT NAME ABV % STYLE FORMATS KEY INFOUrban Orchard4.5 % Apple Cider500ml x 12 330ml x 24 50 V GLFURTEE EN -S- VEGANDead and Berried 4.0 % Mixed Berry Cider 500ml x 12 330ml x 24 50 V GLFURTEEEN -S- VEGANTrue Roots 4.0 % Alcoholic Ginger BeerV FRTEA W A R D W I N N I N G 500ml x 12 VEGAN GLU E EN Doom and Bloom 4.0 % Pink Rose Cider500ml x 12 330ml x 24 50 GLUTEN -S- V FREE3 G O L D M E D A L S VEGANINN EXPRESS - DRINKS PORTFOLIO 2019|20 - CIDER 449"