b'CIDER R E D I CA W A R D W & GI N N I NO R G A N I C C I D E R SD U N K E R T O N SC H E LT E N H A M , G LO U C E S T E R S H I R EFounded in Pembridge, Herefordshire in 1980 with the pioneering spirit & vision of their founders Ivor and Susie Dunkerton. All Dunkertons ciders are hand blended with freshly harvested whole pressed organic apples or pears and matured for over 12 months to deliver the famous Dunkertons deep flavour.The result is a range of award winning organic ciders all with over 90% juice that are naturally gluten free and suitable for vegans.In 2016 Dunkertons relocated to a new state of the art cidery in Cheltenham, Gloucestershire.PRODUCT NAME ABV % STYLE FORMATS KEY INFOCraft Organic 5.0 % Medium cider20 I 330ml x 12 330ml x 12 V GLFURETEE NORGANICBBVEGANPremium Reserve Organic 6.8 % Medium cider500ml x 12 V GLFRUTEEENORGANICVEGANBlack Fox Organic6.8 % Medium dry cider20 I 500ml x 12 V GLFUETEENORGANICBBVEGAN RDry Organic 6.8 % Dry cider20 I 500ml x 12 V GLU ORGANICBB VEGAN FRTEEEN Perry Organic 7.5 % Medium sweet perry500ml x 12 V G FR NORGANICVEGAN LUETEEOne to watch!D U N K E R T O N S C R A F TO R G A N I C M E D I U M C I D E RCraft is the newest addition to the Dunkertons range and already their new flagship cider. At a more accessible strength of 5%, Craft is a refreshingly easy drinking cider but with the classic Dunkertons deep apple flavour.Available in 20L BiB, 500ml Bottles & 330ml cans.443INN EXPRESS - DRINKS PORTFOLIO 2019|20 - CIDER'