b'E CIDER I N T R O DR D I C U C I N GB E N S O N S C I D E RS H E R B O R N E , G L O U C E S T E R S H I R EAt Bensons we believe that the journey from orchard to glass should be as short and straightforward as possible. Thats why weA DELICIOUS BRITISH PRODUCThave developed this delicious cider with real raspberry juice and cider apples. All of which were all grown within 50 miles of the press theyre juiced in.This gives us a truer flavour and makes this cider as English as week-long cricket games, the Royal family and the great eccentrics who inspired our cider.! SUPPORTS MADE WITH FULLY A CRAFTPRODUCT NAME ABV % STYLE FORMATS KEY INFO BRITISH REAL FRUIT TRACEABLE CHOICEFARMING FOR CIDERPure apple 4.0 % Medium cider 330ml x 24 500ml x 15 V GLFRUTEEEN VEGANRaspberry & lime 4.0 % Flavoured cider 330ml x 24 500ml x 15 V GLFURTEEEN VEGAN IntroducingMade in Mixed berries 4.0 % Flavoured cider 330ml x 24 V GLFURETEEN VEGAN our deliciousthe UK range ofwith no real fruitartificial C U R I O U S B R E W I N G craft ciders. colours or flavours.T E N T E R T E N , K E N TDrawing inspiration from their winemaking, Chapel Down have created a premium cider which is fresh and crisp with green apple aromas and hints of Gallia elderflower, melon, citrus and kiwi fruit.PRODUCT NAME ABV % STYLE FORMATS KEY INFOCurious apple 5.2 % Medium cider 30 330ml x 12 330ml x 12-G-C I D E R S M I T H SL O N D O NAt Cidersmiths we believe in three principles, its what makes great cider.Good cider is never made from concentrate, only from juice because it tastes way better. Fact.Knowing where our apples come from, what varieties are they, how are they grown?Cider should be made in a sustainable way that leaves our beautiful countryside just as we found it.PRODUCT NAME ABV % STYLE FORMATS KEY INFOHarry Masters Jersey 4.5 % Medium cider 50 500ml x 12 V GLFURETEEN -S- VEGANBristol draught 5.5 % Flavoured cider 500ml x 12 V GLFRUETEEN VEGANSixpointsix 6.6 % Flavoured cider 500ml x 12 V GLFRUETEEN VEGANbensonsthejuicers.com436INN EXPRESS - DRINKS PORTFOLIO 2019|20 - CIDERBEN010_ads_03a.indd 2 01/07/2019 18:08'