b"CIDER R E D I CThe A S P A L L S , S U F F O L KD E B E N H A Mcider In 1728, Clement Chevallier planted the first large-scale cyder orchards in Suffolk. Clement nurtured his trees, then pressed and blended his apples, pioneering a new standard for British fine cyder. Almost 300 years on, we're still producing unparalleled cyder at the original Aspall Cyder HousePRODUCT NAME ABV % STYLE FORMATS KEY INFOSuffolk Draught Cyder 5.5 % Dry Cider 50 500ml 500ml 330ml-S- Y H N GLFURTEEENVI C x 12 CO I x 12 x 24 VEGANVHarry Sparrow 4.6 % Medium Dry 50-S- GLU VFRTEEENVEGANIsabels Berry 4.7 % Red Berries Cider N CO I N CO I 500ml GLFRUTEEENVx 12 VEGANOrganic Cyder 7.0 % Organic Cider 500ml ORGANIC GLFURTEEENVx 12 VEGANInnovate & expandPACKAGED CIDER IS IN LONG TERM SUSTAINED DECLINE IN THE ON TRADE, IN PART DRIVEN BY A LACK OF INNOVATIVE NEW PRODUCTS BREAKING THROUGH. This and the declining rates of sale for packaged ciders suggest that there is a real opportunity for operators to try something new and different with their cider selection in the fridge, to help drive interest in cider and use their cider range to help define their outlet. The first step of any review should be to stop stocking pear ciders, pear ciders have reached the natural end of their life cycle and thereare a lot of bottles blocking space for new innovative ciders.Cooection Operators should follow a right brand right outlet approach, where the packaged ciders positioning is reflective of the outlets positioning. Fortunately, todays cider marketplace offers a near endless choice, permitting operators to really fine tune their offering. As a general rule, packaged fruit cider is more suited to higher tempo occasions in wet led outlets, while packaged apple cider is moresuited to lower tempo occasions in dry led outlets. Below are some recommendations based on space available in the bar fridge.ONETWOTHREE OR MORE BOTTLE BOTTLES BOTTLESIf there is no cider on tap on theIf there is no draught serve in outletIf there is space for three or front bar and there is only roomthen the operator should considermore bottles, the operator has for one bottle of cider in theone packaged apple cider and onereal freedom to experiment fridge, then this should be anpackaged fruit cider. If apple cider iswith the range, but at least one apple cider, as apple cider is stilloffered as a draught serve, then thebottle should be an apple variant the most popular variant of cider.two bottles should be fruit cider.and one bottle should be a fruit If an apple cider is offered on thevariant. Do make sure that the front bar, then this provides anTwo bottles also give the outlet theopportunity to stock three or opportunity for fruit cider to beopportunity to try some new ideas,more bottles of cider takes the packaged option in the fridge.one should be a berry, whilst using theadvantage to showcase the wide other as an opportunity to try a new,variety of UK and global cider different or contrasting style to drivestyles that are now available to interest. the on trade. 431INN EXPRESS - DRINKS PORTFOLIO 2019|20 - CIDER"