b'C R A F T B E E R TB R E E O L S E T T BS P E C I A L I S T B O T T L E S F A R CASHFORDKENTU KCURIOUS SESSION IPA PRODUCT NAME ABV % STYLE PACK SIZE KEY INFOSIZE:30L, 12 X 330ML,24 X 330ML CAN Brewdog Dead Pony Pale Club 3.8 % Pale Ale 24x330ml VABV:4.4%VEGANA triple hopped and distinctively Curious Session IPA with a balanced, zesty and refreshing finish. RefreshingBrewdog Nanny State 0.5 % Alcohol Free Pale Ale 24x330ml Vsession IPA with three complimentary hops, used to create Bordeaux, Champagne and Ctes du Rhne wines. TheVEGANresult is a pale ale of balance, finesse and distinctive drinkability. Brewdog Punk IPA 5.6 % IPA 24x330ml VVEGANGreat to refresh the palate and cut through the meat flavour in a barbecue party.Brewdog Vagabond Pale Ale 4.5 % Gluten Free Pale Ale 24x330ml VVEGANCamden Helles 4.6 % Helles Lager 12x330ml VVEGANCamden Pale 4.0 % Pale Ale 12x330ml VVEGANCamden Pils 4.6 % Pilsner 12x330ml VCURIOUS BREW CURIOUS APPLE VEGANCamden Gentlemans Wit 4.3 % Wheat Beer w/bergamot 12x330ml VSIZE:30L, 12 x 330ml, 24 xSIZE:12 x 330ml, 24 x 330ml CanVEGAN330ml CanABV:5.2%Chapel Down Curious Brew 4.7 % Premium Pilsner 12x330mlABV:4.7%Crisp, fresh aromas of green apple are the A lager full of purity and freshnesshallmark of this cider, together with hintsChapel Down Session IPA 4.4 % Session IPA 12x330mlwith a clean, fruity and aromaticof Gallia melon, elderflower, citrus and kiwi finish. A premium lager re- fruit. Naturally high acidity make this a veryChurch Farm Harrys Heifer 4.2 % Amber Session12x500mlfermented with Champagne yeastclean tasting cider with a creamy mousseChurch Farm Pale Ale 3.8 % Pale Ale 12x500mlfor a distinctively clean, refreshingand refreshing finish.and balanced beer. Treat this cider as you would a white wineChurch Farm Pilsner 4.2 % Czech Style Pilsner 12x500mlThe perfect match for a Fridaywhen pairing with food, focus on fish orChurch Farm IPA 5.0 % IPA 12x500mlnight takeaway. shellfish, salads or Thai food in particular.Cotswold Lager 22 2.2 % Low Alcohol Lager 12x330ml VVEGANCotswold Haus Lager 4.0 % Light Lager 12x330ml VVEGANCotswold Premium Lager 5.0 % Helles Lager 12x330ml VVEGANCotswold IPA 5.2 % IPA 12x330ml VVEGANCotswold 3.8 Pils 3.8 % German style Pilsner 12x330ml VVEGANCotswold Unfiltered Helles 5.0 % Bavarian Style 12x330ml VVEGANEmpress Ale4.5 % Pale Ale 24x330mlFreedom Pale 4.2 % New World Pale 24x330ml VVEGANFreedom Lager 4.0 % British Lager 24x330ml VVEGANFreedom Helles 4.8 % Organic Lager 24x330ml V ORGANICVEGANFreedom Pils 4.4 % Pilsner 24x330ml VVEGANFullers Frontier 4.5 % Premium Lager 12x330mlINN EXPRESS - DRINKS PORTFOLIO 2019|20 - CRAFT BEER - BOTTLES INN EXPRESS - DRINKS PORTFOLIO 2019|20 - CRAFT BEER - BOTTLES 427CURIOUSBREWING.COM'