b'B E E R TT T E S O B L U S A S P C R A F T B E E R E S KEY INFO CansC A F R E C I A L I S T B O T T L AMERIPRODUCT NAME ABV % STYLE PACK SIZEAnchor Brewers Pale Ale 5.3 % American Pale Ale 24x355mlAnchor California Lager4.9 % Lager 24x355ml VVEGANAnchor Fog Breaker6.8 % IPA 24x355mlAnchor Liberty Ale5.9 % American Pale Ale 24x355ml VVEGANAnchor Porter5.6 % Porter 24x355ml VVEGANAnchor Steam4.8 % California Common Beer 24x355ml VVEGANBlue Moon 5.4 % Belgian Style Wheat Beer 24x330mlBrooklyn Lager 5.2 % Amber Lager 24x355ml VVEGANBrooklyn Sorachi Ace 7.2 % Farmhouse Saison 24x355mlBrooklyn Scorcher 4.5 % Session IPA 24x355mlBrooklyn Summer 5.0 % American Pale Ale 24x355mlFlying Dog Doggie Style Pale 5.5 % American Pale Ale 24x355ml VVEGANFlying Dog Easy IPA 4.7 % Session IPA 24x355ml VVEGANFlying Dog Gonzo 9.2 % Imperial Porter 24x355ml VVEGANFlying Dog Raging Bitch8.3 % Belgian Style IPA 24x355ml VVEGANFlying Dog Snake Dog IPA 7.1 % IPA 12x355ml VVEGANGoose Island 312 4.2 % Urban Wheat Ale 24x355ml VVEGANDid you know?Steam BeerFirst originated in California when German immigrants found a way to make bottom fermented yeast work at top fermenting yeast temperatures.Anchor Brewing Company is the original Steam beer and therefore holds the rights to the name; however its pretty much used as a collective term for other producers who also use the name Californian Common424 INN EXPRESS - DRINKS PORTFOLIO 2019|20 - CRAFT BEER - BOTTLES'