b'R E E B TT T E S O B L C R A F T B E E RF A R C S P E C I A L I S T B O T T L E SB E L G I U MPRODUCT NAME ABV % STYLE PACK SIZE KEY INFOStraffe Hendrik Quadrupel 11.0 % Abbey Quadrupel 24x330mlStraffe Hendrik Tripel 9.0 % Abbey Tripel 24x330mlTimmermans Framboise4.0 % Raspberry Lambic 12x330ml VVEGANTimmermans Kriek4.0 % Cherry Lambic 12x330ml VVEGANTimmermans Lambicus Blanche 4.5 % Session Lambic 12x375ml VVEGANTimmermans OUDE Gueuze6.7 % Lambic Gueuze 12x375ml VVEGANTimmermans OUDE Kriek6.7 % Cherry Lambic 12x375ml VVEGANTimmermans Peche 4.0 % Peach Lambic 12x330ml VVEGANTimmermans Strawberry4.0 % Strawberry Lambic 12x330ml VVEGANVedett Blonde 5.0 % Pale Lager 24x330ml VVEGANVedett IPA5.5 % Ipa 24x330ml VVEGANVedett Session IPA 2.7 % Low Alcohol Ipa 24x330ml VVEGANVedett White4.7 % Witbier (Belgium Wheat) 24x330ml VVEGANWestmalle Dubbel7.0 % Trappist Dubbel 24x330ml VVEGANWestmalle Tripel9.5 % Trappist Tripel 24x330ml VVEGANJargon buster!Helping you split your Lambics from your Lagers. one beer at a timeT R A P P I S T & A B B E Y TRAPPIST BEER NOW BREWED IN THE UKB R E W I N G O F T H E H I G H E S T O R D E R Mount Saint Bernard Abbey, near Coalville, is only the worlds 12th The term Trappist is derived from La Trappe, a French Abbey located into get permission to call itself a Normandy. Trappist monks have their origins in France and not in Belgium asTrappist brewery.many wrongly assume. It refers to the order of the Cistercians of the StrictTynt Meadow is brewed Observance, shortly known as the Trap pist Orderwith English barley and Trappist beers are brewed within a monastery and can be reconized by thehops, using an English Authentic Trappist Product logo.strain of yeast. It is twice-fermented, with Abbey beers are not brewed within a monastery, but are strongly affiliated withthe first fermentation one. Its not an actual style. Most Trappist & Abbey beers are Belgian classictaking place in the style ale.tank, and the second in the bottle. It should be stored in a cool, dark, quiet place.414 INN EXPRESS - DRINKS PORTFOLIO 2019|20 - CRAFT BEER - BOTTLES'