b'R E E B TT T E S O B L C R A F T B E E RC A F R S P E C I A L I S T B O T T L E SB E L G I U MPRODUCT NAME ABV % STYLE PACK SIZE KEY INFOAchel Trappiste Blond8.0 % Trappist Blond 24x330mlBacchus Framboise5.0 % Raspberry Fruit Beer 12x375ml VVEGANBacchus Kriek 5.8 % Cherry Fruit Beer 12x375ml VVEGANBarbar8.0 % Belgian Strong Ale 20x330mlBlanche de Bruxelles4.5 % Witbier (Belgium Wheat) 24x330mlBoon Framboise 5.0 % Raspberry Lambic 12x375mlBoon Gueuze Mariage Parfait 8.0 % Lambic Gueuze 12x375mlBoon Kriek 4.0 % Cherry Lambic 12x375mlBoon Kriek Mariage Parfait 8.0 % Cherry Lambic12x375mlBoon Oude Gueuze 7.0 % Lambic Gueuze 12x375mlBourgogne Des Flandres5.0 % Flanders Red Ale 12x330mlBrugse Zot Blond6.0 % Belgian Pale Ale 24x330mlBrugse Zot Blond 75cl6.0 % Belgian Pale Ale 12x750mlBrugse Zot Brune 7.5 % Belgian Dubbel 24x330mlBrugse Zot Brune 75cl7.5 % Belgian Dubbel 12x750mlChimay Blue Cap 9.0 % Trappist Strong Dark Ale 24x330ml VVEGANChimay Gold Cap 4.8 % Trappist Blonde 24x330mlJargon buster!Helping you split your Lambics from your Lagers. one beer at a timeL A M B I CT H E O L D E S T B R E W I N G S T Y L E I N T H E W O R L D .A traditionally Belgian brew that is quite sour unless it is flavoured with fruit. It also uses open fermentation methods that rely on the natural yeasts in the air rather than adding it directly to the brewing process. Young lambic is slender and soft while older lambic is funkier with a bigger Brettanomyces influence.However, beyond the bars and cafes surrounding the breweries where its served uncarbonated, most lambics are blended into Gueuze, a sparkling mix of young and old lambicL A M B I C G U E U Z E K R I E K F A R OLambic is both the generic term forNormally corked and caged in champagneA greater proportion of older lambicKriek (cherry) is made traditionally byPopular in the 19th century, Faro is spontaneous beers from this particularbottles, gueuze (pronounced goo-zah) is abrings more Brett and complexity whilesteeping Scaarbeek cherries, native tolambic beer sweetened with sugar to part of Belgium and the name given tobottle-conditioned blend of young lambicgueuze blended with more young lambicBrussels area, in lambic for six months.make it more palatable to the everyday the base beer. Taken fresh from the tuns(aged for between 6 and 12 months) andwill be softer in character. BlendersCherries are added whole and, during adrinker. or poured in draught in select cafes, itold (oude) lambic (aged in oak for up tostrive for a signature style and a certainvigorous secondary fermentation, the tastes a bit like sherry-soaked socks.three years) to a ratio of one to two. consistency of flavour from year to yearstones dissolve to add an almond edge to but every vintage tends to be different the tart character.which is merely adds to its allure. Other fruits are used but beware lambics 410 INN EXPRESS - DRINKS PORTFOLIO 2019|20 - CRAFT BEER - BOTTLES blended with syrup as they tend to taste a bit rubbish.'