b'TB E E R F S C R A F T B E E R At Cigar City Brewing we make beer A N C A N S we like to drink and toast those who R A choosetodrinkwithus.Behind C Callourbeeristhephilosophythat quality is achieved by giving first rate ingredientstofirstratepeopleina B R O O K LY N B R E W E R Y space where they are free to pursue U S A N E W Y O R K , U S A theirpassion.Weacknowledgethat what we do at Cigar City Brewing isnt PRODUCT NAME ABV % STYLE PACK SIZE KEY INFO for everyone.but we welcome all!Lager 5.2 % Amber Lager 24x330ml VVEGANEast IPA 6.9 % IPA 24x355ml VVEGANAmerican Ale 4.5 % American Pale Ale 24x355ml INVASIONTropical Pale Ale 5% Defender 5.5 % IPA 24x330ml GUAYABERACitra Pale Ale 5.5% Naranjito 4.5 Orange Peel Pale Ale 24x355mlJAI ALAIIndia Pale Ale 7.5% C I G A R C I T YF L O R I D A , U S APRODUCT NAME ABV % STYLE PACK SIZE KEY INFOFlorida Cracker 5.5 % Belgian-style White Ale 24x355mlGuayabera5.5 % Citra Pale Ale 24x355mlInvasion5 % Tropical Pale Ale 24x355ml FLORIDA CRACKER Jai Alai7.5 % IPA 24x355ml Belgian Style White Ale 5%Maduro5.5 % Brown Ale 24x355mlF LY I N G D O GM A R Y L A N D , U S AMADUROBrown Ale 5.5% PRODUCT NAME ABV % STYLE PACK SIZE KEY INFOBloodline 7.0 % Blood orange IPA 24x355ml V fastest growing also in kegSnake Dog 7.1 % IPA 24x355ml VEGANtop craft brewer in the USAhttps://vinepair.com/articles/cigar-city-jai-alai-brewing-guide/404 INN EXPRESS - DRINKS PORTFOLIO 2019|20 - CRAFT BEER - CANS'