b'The Monterey , 3.9% abvEasy going and easy drinking, this California Pale Ale is full of pine and tropical notes, and as golden as the sands on Monterey Bay. ALC3.9%VOLstout&CUBIC , 4.5% abv squarenumberwhenitcomes ale Four.Thatsour to full-on flavour. A quartet of hops bring strong passion fruit and citrus aromas offset by a mellow bitterness. Its taste, cubed and perfection in a pint glass. Its Cubic; pale ale precision.CooectionPROPER JOB, a powerfully authentic IPA, it regularly wins awards for its moreish hoppy taste and effectively kick-started the trend for US West Coast hops before anyone else. Its brewed to formidably high standards, as youd expect of any beer from St Austell Brewery.389SAB / Bath Ales - Inn Express - New Keg Brands.indd 2 30/04/2019 09:42'