b'r i s eTHE O FLAGERUntil 1960 lager accounted for less than one percent of the British beer market but according to recent reports it now accounts for 70% the beer market in Britain. So when Magic Rock, consistently ranked as one of the top breweries in the world added a Lager to their core range we took notice! Afterall they know about beer! We spoke the guys about their love for this once-forgotten yet hugely popular style. If youd have told us eight years ago that wed have been drinking lager again, let alone brewing it,we wouldve spat out our fruity, triple hopped IPA and rolled on the floor laughing! Why would we want to return to the days of sweet, malty, sweetcorn flavours, that we used to pretend to like back in the day?Roll forward to 2019, and Lager is on the rise once more, only this time, were drinking beautifully crafted, delicious, crisp products, made with all the care and attention of the Germans; from Pilsners, Helles and Klschs, and we couldnt be more thrilled about it. This time around, after the growth of sour beers and quadruple hopped IPAs, theres something simple and quite literally, refreshing about a well-brewed lager. There is nowhere to hide; the recipe has to be tight and executed well for the beer to succeed. Its the ultimate test in the competence of a brewer; combining a harmony of hops, malt and yeast that deliver a crisp, refreshing and bitter beer that is accessible and full of flavour; and we think weve achieved exactly that with our Dancing Bierour take on a German Lager. Its crisp, refreshing and packed with German Hops, Magnum, Saphir Whole Leaf and Hallertau. Perfectly paired with grilled food, curry and burgers, its a great all-rounderd a n c i n g b i e rand a widely enjoyed style.a l s o a v a i l a b l ei n k e g 377'