b'L A G E RJargon buster!Helping you split your Lambics from your Lagers. one beer at a timeGERMAN LAGER IS A VAST PLAYGROUND. IT CAN BE A BIT CONFUSING, BUT WITH SOME BASIC KNOWLEDGE YOU WILL BE WELL ON YOUR WAY TO DISCOVERING A WHOLE NEW WORLD OF BEERS NOT JUST FROM GERMANYA L T B I E R BOTTLE CONDITIONING B O C K D O P P L E B O C KA style of German beer brewed nearBeer that has bottled without the yeastA strong lager traditionally from GermanyA stronger bock beer, that traditionally Dusseldorf.Its darker than a standardbeing filtered out so sediment is still leftand brewed seasonally. Full-bodied,uses double the amount of hops and lager and is top fermented before beingin the bottle. This is done so the beermalty, well-hopped. It used to be a darkmalt; it doesnt necessarily double the cold conditioned i.e. lagered.Altbiercan continue to develop a complex tastebeer but more recently theyve beenstrength.literally means Old Beer. while it waits for you to drink it.It usuallyproduced light copper in colour as well.means a higher abv too.H E L L E H E F E KL S C H L A G E RComes from the colour of the beer andGerman for yeast.Most commonly seenA type of German beer that is topLager comes from the German lagern literally means Pale in German ratheralongside weizen which is translated asfermented and cold conditioned, i.e.meaning to store and is a beer made than Dunkel which means dark. Yeast-wheat and broadly means the beerlagered. with bottom fermenting yeast. Lager is is bottle conditioned and thus may havefermented at lower temperatures and sediment therefore takes longer to ferment than ale.Lower temperatures means a cleaner more crisp beer.P I L S N E R REINHEITSGEBOT TOP / BOTTOM FERMENTATIONA beer style traditionally from GermanyGerman Purity Law of 1516 which statesBottom Fermentation - One of the two basic fermentation methods and used to make lager. So-called and the Czech Republic. Typically crispthat the only ingredients that can bebecause the yeast sinks to the bottom of the brewand refreshing, with a light to mediumincluded in beer are water, malted barley, body and a clear gold colour. yeast and hops. Top FermentationTop fermentation is used in the production of ale, so-called because the yeasts float at the top rather than sit at the bottom. Ale yeast is top fermenting compared to lager yeast, which is bottom fermenting. Beers brewed in this fashion are commonly called ale or top-fermented beers.P R E M I U M & C R A F T L A G E R - K E GCOUNTRY PRODUCT NAME ABV % FORMATS KEY INFOBELGIUM % 30 VVedett Extra Blonde 5.2 -S- VEGANGERMANY Weihenstephan Original Helles 5.1 % 30 V-S- VEGANENGLAND Whitstable Bay Blonde 4.5 % 30 50-A- -A-ENGLAND Wild Beer Shika Pilsner 4.5 % 30 V-S- VEGANINN EXPRESS - DRINKS PORTFOLIO 2019|20 - LAGER Lead times IMPORTANT INFORMATION 371Although we stock thousands of products, now and again, we may require a short lead time to bring lines back into stock.Please speak to our team if you need any more information.INN EXPRESS - DRINKS PORTFOLIO 2019|20 - LAGER'