b'LAGER G E R thecraftbeerrevolution, L A Despite . . . g n i t u o h S theUKon-tradelagercategory stillaccountsforover70%ofthe UK volume.This equates to a few pints just under the 8.8b mark.LAGER LAGERBut its not all great news.We took a look at some recent on-trade industry reportsanddrillintothedetailsofLagerssuccessdespitetheworrying decline for the big brands.CLASSIC LAGER (-1.1% | 3.8b) WORLD LAGER (+10.5% | 2.2b)Within this category, there are some worrying numbers for theMuch of this growth comes from the top 4 in this category big 3 (Carling, Fosters & Carlsberg).The category of Classic(Peroni, San Miguel, Birra Moretti & Estrella Damm).These lager is very much on a slippery slope of decline with the top4 have over 80% of the category value showing that 3all showing a decline.This data shows that drinkers areMediterranean lagers continue to rise in popularity.switching to premium categories. The likes of Carlsberg have relaunched to appeal to a broader consumer base and win newLager drinkers are more loyal to the category and stick to lager drinkers.whilst Ale consumers will also drink from other categories. So with all this data at our disposal, it seems that Lager drinkers PREMIUM 4%(+5.6% | 2.3b) remain relatively brand loyal.However, this is changing. Even in the last year, we have seen experimental Lager drinkers Brands such as Coors Light, Amstel, Staropramen Pravha &grow from 10% to 25%. Experimentation within Ale is also Bud Light are all showing double-digit growth within the 4%increasing. Ranging by breadth of categories will optimise sales. premium category, these brands encourage the Classic Lager drinker wanting a better flavour experience to trade up withoutIf you arent sure what to offer, give us a call and we can help making a large jump into World Lager or Craft beers. you make the most of your taps. 354 INN EXPRESS - DRINKS PORTFOLIO 2019|20 - LAGERAll values stated are MAT ValueSource: Marstons on trade report 2019'