b'R GC R A F T B E E RE EE KBS P E C I A L I S T K E G C R A F TO R L D WU S APRODUCT NAME ABV % STYLE FORMAT KEY INFOFounders PC Pils 5.5 % Dry hopped pilsner 19.5 VDOLIUMVEGANFlying Dog Doggie Style Pale5.5 % American Pale Ale 30KEYFlying Dog Easy IPA4.7 % Session IPA 30 VKEY VEGANGoose Midway 4.1 % Session IPA 30 V-G- VEGANGoose Island IPA 5.9 % American IPA 30 V-G- VEGANLagunitas IPA 5.5 % IPA 30-S-Lagunitas 12th of Never 5.5 % Pale Ale 30-S-Old Blue Last 5.0 % Hazy Lager 30-G-Sierra Nevada Pale 5.6 % American Pale Ale 30 V-G- VEGANSierra Nevada California 4.3 % Session IPA 30-G-Sam Adams Boston Lager 5.0 % Amber Lager 30-A-Sam Adams Sam 76 4.6 % Lager:Ale Hybrid 30-S-Stone Brewing Enter Night5.7 % Pilsner 30-A-Stone Brewing Go To IPA4.7 % Session IPA 30-A-Stone Brewing IPA6.9 % American IPA 30-A-Stone Brewing Ripper Pale Ale5.7 % Pale Ale 30-A-Stone White Ghost Berliner Weisse4.7 % Berliner Weisse 30-A-allergens IMPORTANT INFORMATIONALL ALLERGEN DATA HAS BEEN PROVIDED BY THE RELEVANT PRODUCER AND IS UP TO DATE AT TIME OF PRINTING.PLEASE CONTACT PRODUCER FOR UP TO DATE AND/OR ADDITONAL INFORMATIONINN EXPRESS - DRINKS PORTFOLIO 2019|20 - CRAFT BEER - SPECIALIST KEG INN EXPRESS - DRINKS PORTFOLIO 2019|20 - CRAFT BEER - SPECIALISTKEG 341'