b'IN PURSUIT OF FLAVOURUnconstrained by stylistic guidelines and led by flavour, we want to give you a truly memorable drinking experience, altering your perceptions of beer and thrilling your taste buds. The wild nature of our beers is seen in the use of alternative fermentations, unorthodox yeasts, seasonally-foraged ingredients and the use of eclectic and exotic produce from far and wide. These sit alongside a core range of modern esoteric beers, where quality and consistency are our buzzwords amongst the flavour and innovation. The Wild Beer Co was INSPIRED BY SOMERSETborn in 2012 out of a love ofSet against the backdrop of the Somerset countryside, we are a true farmhouse brewery fermentation, barrel-ageingsharing our space with Westcombe Dairy, whose cheeses pair naturally well with our beers.and most importantly, flavour. Everything we learn in making slow, complex, barrel-aged beers helps us improve our everyday range of easy-drinking modern beers. A thirst to always improve our products and range has led to our Pale Ale, IPA and Stout brands being nationally recognised. WHATS IN THE WOOD? Barrel-ageing and blending is at the heart of We believe exceptional brewing stems from imagination and passion.what we do at Wild Beer. We wait patiently for Our beers are brewed using modern creative techniques andthe beers in our library of over 600 barrels to take on the nuances of the wood, where time ingredients while producing some of the worlds oldest beer stylescan reveal complex layers and flavours that guaranteed to give you a memorable drinking experience. deserve to be savoured.wildbeerco.com WildBeerCo 335'