b'C R A F T B E E R TB R E E K E G K UU K C R A F T K E G F A R CW I P E R & T R U EB R I S T O LWe fell in love with brewing at home - learning our craft on a kitchen stove with pots, pans and raw ingredients scattered all around us. Having spent our early years on the road, brewing nomadically we were lucky enough to get first-hand experience at some great breweries and more importantly, from some great brewers kind enough to let us use their equipment. We have now settled in the heart of Bristol at our own beautiful brewery. Whilst our apparatus may have become more sophisticated, our thirst for experimentation and enjoyment of our craft remains the driving force behind Wiper and True. We strive to make extraordinary beer, using the finest ingredients possible and avoiding any unnecessary chemicals or processing aids. We do not pasteurize, filter or clear our beers with synthesised chemicals. We hope you enjoy the drinking as much as we did the brewing. PRODUCT NAME ABV % STYLE FORMATS KEY INFOAmber (seasonal) 6.2 % Amber ale 30 V-S- VEGANSmall beer 2.7 % Light pale ale 30 V-S- VEGANMilk shake 5.6 % Milk stout 30-S-Kaleidoscope 4.2 % Pale ale 30 V-S- VEGANSundance 5.6 % India Pale Ale 30-S-Did you know?T H E F U T U R E I S F E M A L ET he Brit ish Craft Beer Report YouGov survey showed almost exactly the same number of women drinking beer now as compared to 2017 (34% in 2019 vs 35% in 2017). This compares to 64% of women in 2019s survey who said they drink wine and indicates that the industry has yet to make the kind of inroads into the female market that it needs to and is still behind the US and most European markets when it comes to female beer drinkers. In Spain typically 40% of women drink beer, something Pete Brown attributed, in his keynote speech at BeerX UK in 2018, to the Spanish culture of serving beer in smaller measures, with food, with no history of beer marketing using male dominated or sexist imagery. When SIBA looked at the consumer market in 2016 as part of the Insight Report through M&C Allegra, women were found to be drinking more beer than 2-3 years before. While only 16% of consumers reported drinking more beer now than 2-3 years ago, for women this was considerably higher - at almost 24% - which proves there has already been historical growth in the female market.INN EXPRESS - DRINKS PORTFOLIO 2019|20 - CRAFT BEER - UK CRAFT KEG 333'