b'R E E B TK G K U E C R A F T B E E RF A R C U K C R A F T K E GW I L D B E E R C OS O M E R S E TUnconstrained by stylistic guidelines and led by flavour, we celebrate traditional techniques whilst embracing a sense of modernity in our brewing. We want to give you a truly memorable drinking experience, altering your perceptions of beer and thrilling your taste buds. Whether its hoppy freshness, stout sweetness or sour and refined barrel-aged flavours that youre after, rest assured youll find them herePRODUCT NAME ABV % STYLE FORMATS KEY INFOBibble 4.2 % Session American pale ale 30 V-S- VEGANPogo 4.1 % Fruited pale ale 30-S-Fresh 5.5 % American pale ale 30 V-S- VEGANMillionaire 4.7 % Salted caramel milk stout 30-S-Nebula 5.0 % New England IPA 30 V-S- VEGANSleeping Limes 4.5 % Lager w/lime & sea salt 30 V-S- VEGANYokai 4.5 % Yuzu pale 30-S- VVEGANShika 4.5 % Pilsner lager 30-S- VVEGANNinkasi 9.0 % Belgian style saison 20KEYMurmur 5.0 % Brut saison 30-S-W H I P L A S HB E L F A S TWhiplash begun as a side project for Alan & Alex back in 2016. Both working in brewing already, they rented tanks at the weekend and released single batch small releases for fun from their own place of work and other friends breweries around Ireland. Professional beer dudes who were gypsying for fun. Things escalated and by the end of 2017 Whiplash was its very own pain in the neck with the guys going full time. Now renting space and brewing primarily from Larkins Brewing Company in Co. Wicklow, 2018 is very much year zero for Whiplash with lots of stuff to come.PRODUCT NAME ABV % STYLE FORMATS KEY INFOBody Riddle 4.5 % Pale Ale 30KEYRollover 3.8 % Session IPA 30KEY332 INN EXPRESS - DRINKS PORTFOLIO 2019|20 - CRAFT BEER - UK CRAFT KEG'