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MosMost of ot our spf our spent grent grains go back ains go back Wev e been making our flaur flagship beegship beer Budding Par Budding Pale Alle Ale since since se starting in tarting in Weve been making o to locato local farmel farmers trs to feed to feed their heir 2006. Named aft tcowcos.ws.2006. Named after tehe inr the inventventor oor of the laf the lawn mown mowewr - Eer - Edwdwin Budding - tin Budding - the firshe first machines wmachines were maere manufnufacturactured wheed where ore our brur breweewry sery stantads tnds todaoday!It ry!It remains emains Some o o our mos Some of the spf the spent grent grains go intains go into our most poput popular beelar beer ar and hnd has was won muon multipltiple Grle Great Teat Tastase Ate Awarwds.ards.flapjflapjack tack to feed to feed the drinkhe drinkers!ers!BUDBUDINDDG 4.5%ING 4.5% TOM L ORGAN ORGAN ALEDALEDERFLERFLOWOEWR 4.9% ER 4.9%I.P.A. 5.6%THE RANGE THE RANGETOM LONOG 3.8%NG 3.8% ORGANIC PIC PALE ALE ALE ALEORGANIC LAIC LAGER GERI.P.A. 5.6% Aromatic CarCaramelamel 4%4% 4.9%4.9% RefrReshing ar A juicA juicy, hop drivy, hop drivenenAromatic efreshing aromas omas ean, golden sesen session sionean, crisp and ndfrom Taihekaiheke & e &IPA brewed withflorfloal rnoal tnoest fresom fromflavflaours frvours from omCleaCln, gold CleaCln, crisp a from T IPA brewed w ithAmari crycrystasl matal maltltpalpae ale ale wle with hints ith hintsrefrreshing la r. Nelson Sauvin hops,MoMotuektueka, Wa, Willameillamette, tte, Amarillo hopsllo hops efreshing lagerge. Nelson Sauvin hops, ith a spicy, icy,f red apple frle from omTraditional cold, l cold,and generouslroy dry usly dry witwh a sith a sweewt eetwitwh a sp of roed app Traditiona witwh oith orgarganic, rubbed nic, rubbedand genemamalt backbone .oraonge ar WakWatu aakatu and Tnd Taihekaihekeefive-fivwe-eekweek eldelderfloerflowers.wers. hopphopped wed with Citith Citra.ra.lt backbone.range aroma.oma. C ASCKASKC ASCKASK hops.hops. fermentKEGKEGfermentation.ation. KEGKEG BO TTLEBO TTLE CASCKASK KEGKEGC ANCANC ANCAN We package intage into lightwo lightweight eight We packBOTTLE BOTTLEBOTTLE glasglass bos bottles rttles reducing teducing transporansportrt BOTTLEweight aweight and rnecd ryeccling.ycling.PlasPlastic frtic from oom our packur packaging is aging is upcupcycled tycled to cro createate park benches e park benches and oand othetr furniturher furniture foe fr oourr ourcommu .communitynity. 327All o ur beers arrs are 10e 100% Orga0% Organic.nic.All our bee'