b'Its all about connections!G E T T I N G T H E R I G H T F I T T I N GWhether you call it a keg connector a coupler or a fitment There is a world of names for these essential pieces of equipment.But for any draft beer or soft drink system the performance of the keg coupler is vital. The keg coupler connects the gas and beverage lines to the keg and ensures a pressurized flow from the keg. D R A U G H T K E G F I T T I N G S& T H E P R O D U C E R S W H O U S E T H E M (A) A-Type: (G) Grundy: (KK) Key Keg:Guinness/Diageo,Molson Coors, ThatchersShepherd Neame(M) M-Type: (S) Sankey: (U) U-Type:Schneider Kegstar, E-Keg, Carlsberg,Inbev/Bud Brewing (mostly)Heineken, Westons, Asahi UKB E V E R A G E G A S C Y L I N D E R & V A LV E I D E N T I F I C AT I O NA L L I N N E X P R E S S B E V E R A G E G A S I S S U P P L I E D B Y A I R L I Q U I D ECO2 cylinders areB U T W H I C H characterised by a purpleM I X E D vale guard with a greyO N E D O cylinder body. UnlikeG A SY O U N E E D ?CO2 MIXED GASmixed gas Co2 has noT A G S 30/70ID tags CO GASMALE CONNECTOR 200 BAR LAGERS, CIDERS, PALE/IPAMixed gas ID tags are 40/60 GASfitted to all mixed gasLAGERS, CIDERS, PALE/IPAMixed Gas cylinders arecylinders.30/70 GAScharacterised by a pink valve guard. The cylinder60/40 SMOOTHFLOW BITTERS body is grey with a greenIf no tag please do180 BAR & STOUTSshoulder. not use cylinder. NEED MORE INFO?PLEASE SPEAK TO THE BRAND OWNER FEMALE CONNECTOR FOR EXACT GAS RECOMMENDATIONS.THE ABOVE IS A GUIDE ONLY322'