b'R E E B TE C R A F T B E E RC A F R G K K U U K C R A F T K E GM A R B L E B E E R SM A N C H E S T E RWere a small Manchester based craft brewery focussed on making hop forward and original beers. We strive for quality and hope our passion shows through in the beers we produce. PRODUCT NAME ABV % STYLE FORMATS KEY INFOPint 3.9 % Pale Ale 30 VKEYVEGANLagonda 5.0 % IPA 30 VKEY VEGANPetite 2.8 % Table IPA 30 VKEY VEGANNorth South 4.2 % Session IPA 30KEY VVEGANS H I N D I G G E RM A N C H E S T E R ShinDigger was founded by two friends selling home-brew at student house parties. We specialise in session beers that balance big taste with high drinkability. Breaking this down technically, this means combining citrus and tropical notes from the planets finest hops / natural fruit extracts with ABVs in the 4-5% range so you can keep on sipping! For us, there is magic in the balancePRODUCT NAME ABV % STYLE FORMATS KEY INFOMango Unchained 4.2 % Fruit infused SIPA 30 50 V-S- -S- VEGANIPA 5.4 % IPA 30 50 V-S- -S- VEGANLager 4.6 % Lager 30 50 V-S- -S- VEGANPale 4.5 % Pale ale 30 50 V-S- -S- VEGANSession 4.2 % Session IPA 30 50 V-S- -S- VEGANOne to watch!M A N G O U N C H A I N E DM A N G O & P I N E A P P L E S E S S I O N P A L ETheir flagship Session IPA is blended with Mango and Pineapple. Fruity, juicy and refreshing.imagine if Rubicon made beer, now stop imagining, accept that they did it before them and drink the stuff before it goes320 INN EXPRESS - DRINKS PORTFOLIO 2019|20 - CRAFT BEER - UK CRAFT KEG'