b'R E E B TK G K U E C R A F T B E E RF A R C U K C R A F T K E GO V E R W O R K S B R E W E R Y CAMDENA B E R D E E N S H I R EDedicated to exploring and pushing the boundaries of what is possible with fermentation, we are on a quest to redefine wildHELLS LAGERand sour beers, forever. With a purpose-built facility where craft and nature find harmony, we utilise wild yeasts and microbes from our environment and ingredients sourced from all around the world. THE LOVECHILD OFHELLES AND PILSNER.PRODUCT NAME ABV % STYLE FORMATS KEY INFOCosmic Crush: Cherry5.6 % Scottish Sour Fermented w/ Cherry 20 VKEY VEGAN CLASSIC + CRISP + REFRESHINGCosmic Crush: Raspberry5.6 % Scottish Sour Fermented w/ Raspberry 20 VScottish Sour Fermented w/ Pear KEY VEGAN AVAILABLE PACKAGED AND IN 30L KEGS Cosmic Crush: Pear5.6 % 20 VKEY VEGANScottish Sour Fermented w/ Mango20 4.6% ABVCosmic Crush: Tropical5.6 % KEY VGuava & Passionfruit VEGANCosmic Crush: Peach5.6 % Scottish Sour Fermented w/ Peach20 VKEYVEGANUNCONSTRAINEDCAMDENPALE ALEBY CONVENTION THE PALE ALE THATPACKS A PUNCH.OVERWORKS HOPPY + FRUITY + DRYTHE HOME OF ALTERNATIVE FERMENTATION AVAILABLE PACKAGED AND IN 30L KEGS4% ABVThis is a place where historical methods and tradition intersect with modern craft and brewing. Every beer is matured inside hand- eAVAILABLE NOWselected wooden vessels and in the presencof natural microflora. 318 INN EXPRESS - DRINKS PORTFOLIO 2019|20 - CRAFT BEER - UK CRAFT KEG'