b'C R A F T B E E R R E E B TEU K C R A F T K E G F A R C K K U GM E A N T I M E B R E W I N GL O N D O NWere a small Manchester based craft brewery focussed on making hop forward and original beers. We strive for quality and hope our passion shows through in the beers we produce. PRODUCT NAME ABV % STYLE FORMATS KEY INFOAnytime IPA 4.7 % Session IPA 30-S- VVEGANEasytime Lager 4.0 % Arromatic Lager 30-S- VVEGANHelles Lager 4.1 % Munich Style Helles 30-S- VVEGANLondon Lager 4.5 % Pilsner 50-S- VVEGANLondon Pale Ale 4.3 % Pale Ale 50 V-S- VEGANYakima Red4.1 % American Red Pale Ale 30 V-S- VEGANM A U L E B R E W I N GN O R T H A M P T O NWere an exciting Micro Brewery creating no nonsense, truth telling batch-made Craft Beers & Ales in sunny Northampton.Our Brewhouse is self built and took 12 months to build and install. Following a few cleaning brews and painstaking refinements, we brewed our very first Lucky IPA late in 2014.We dont filter, fine or centrifuge our beer, instead we give it time at the optimum temperature to do this for us. Time and temperature do the job just fine!PRODUCT NAME ABV % STYLE FORMATS KEY INFOLucky 5.5 % West coast IPA 30 V-S- VEGANWonder 4.9 % US pale 30 V-S- VEGANMandarina 5.0 % Lager 30 V-S- VEGANZest for life 4.4 % Session pale 30 V-S- VEGANImpeccable 4.4 % New Zealand pils 30 V-S- VEGANSuper 4.3 % Session IPA 30 V-S- VEGANINN EXPRESS - DRINKS PORTFOLIO 2019|20 - CRAFT BEER - UK CRAFT KEG 315'