b'C R A F T B E E Rmeet K E G meetU K C R A F Tthe makers the range.An independent, family run craft brewery in the heart of Highgate, London. Gorgeous Brewery is nestled away in the heart of leafy Highgate behind The Bull pub. The brewery was founded by brother sister duo, Rob and Sam Laub. Beer runs in their family, their grandmother was born and raised in a south London pub and made sure to pass on her love and appreciation of all things beer.V 30 V 30 V 30VEGAN -S- VEGAN -S- VEGAN -S-Gorgeous Brewery has a small, tight-knit team who all share a passion for creating an eclectic, deliciously drinkableG U Z Z L A G O O F Y H O O F G Y R O P C O P T E Rrange, with an emphasis on handcrafted quality. The brewery works with little automation, so a whole lot of care and hard work goes into everything we make.Lager | 4.8% Pacific Pale Ale | 4.6% Session IPA | 4.1%The brewery is also overlooked by a beer garden so locals can always see whatsCrisp,cleantraditionalLowbitterness,highCleanbitternesswitha going on and taste the latest brews straight from the tanks.Helles.Magnumhopsinflavourandaroma.dryfinish.Simcoe,Citra, and Bavarian lager yeast.Simcoe,RakauandEllaEkuanot, Ella and Comet GentlebitternesswithahopsfromthePacific.hops.Intensetropical What we brew: malty finish. Unfined andPronounced tropical andfruit and citrus flavours.naturally hazy. stone fruit characteristics.Everything is available in bottle and all of the beers, are unfined and unfiltered, so theyre vegan, retain a natural haze and even more flavour.The beers take inspiration from traditional ales to very new-world styles and there is always a focus on flavour and drinkability. If a beer needs dry hopping to bring out the desired aromas, we wont shy away from using the best hops we can find. Likewise, if a beer needs to lager for 4 weeks for the true flavours to develop, we will give it the time in the tank that it really needs. Quality is key. 310 INN EXPRESS - DRINKS PORTFOLIO 2019|20 - CRAFT BEER - UK CRAFT KEG'