b'F R E E DO THE FASTEST GROWING,WHY FREEDOM?SINCE M INDEPENDENT LAGERzFreedom Brewery is an independent, British, craft lager brewery1995based in rural Staffordshire. Y IN THE UK zA craft lager specialist, Freedom is proud to brew real beer, that Rtastes like beer, with natural ingredients at the heart of our product, for the last 25 years.E BOTH NATIONALLY & IN LONDON 1 zLocal spring water, low temperature fermentation, natural B WE carbonation and an extended maturation period of at least 28 Rdays result in our beers offering an unmatched depth of flavour and sessionability.zFreedom offers a range of consistently high quality, craft lagers DESPITE THE EVER-CHANGING BEER LANDSCAPE, LAGER REMAINS THEto suit your outlet.LARGEST & MOST PROFITABLE SEGMENT IN THE BEER CATEGORY 2 zAll of our beers are a great complement with food, due to their subtle yet rounded flavours and natural carbonation.With increased consumer knowledge, choice and discernment driving demand for local, independent, sustainable brands which are worth paying more for.3TOTAL BEER VALUE SHARE BEER VALUE PERFORMANCE CRAFT VALUE SPLIT.LAGER VS ALE CRAFT VALUE PERFORMANCEALE VALUE (M) STOUT 2%23% LAGERSTOUT 7% LAGER LAGER 3.7% LAGER VALUE (M) 24.6%70% 37% ALE63% ALEALE -1.9% 12.2%Standard lager continues to experienceIn the craft category whilst ale continues to declines, though at a slower rate than previouslead 63% ale vs 37% lager, it is craft lager thatFREEDOM LAGER FREEDOM HELLESyears . With Premium lager and World beeris experiencing the greatest value growthLIGHT, CRISP, BRITISH LAGER PALE, FLORAL, ORGANIC LAGERremaining the drivers of growth +5.6% and+24.6% vs 12.2% as the ale category becomes 10.5% vs LY respectively. increasingly saturated.AUTHENTICITY CRAFT SUSTAINABILITY EXPERIENCEWELL BEING PREMIUMISATION38% 30% 70% 53% 65% 37% FREEDOM PALE FREEDOM PILSAROMATIC, SESSIONABLE PALE ALE GOLDEN, BITTERSWEET, PILSNER LAGERof global consumersof consumers considerof respondentswould rather spend of consumers areof global drinkers are view authenticitya small independentconsider a brandsmoney on anproactively trying towilling to pay more as the number oneproducer to be a keyethics and valuesexperience versus alead a healthy lifestyleto seek out moreattribute within theattribute within thewhen makingpossession. with lower ABV%authentic, trusted andTASTE FREEDOMcategory. craft lager market. purchases. options being key. quality products.INDEPENDENT. SUSTAINABLE. NATURAL.REAL BEER. To find out more please contact your Inn Express representative or visit freedombrewery.com1. Source: CGA, OPMS P13 Data 29.12.18_2. Source: Marstons 2019 On-Trade Review_3 .Source: Global Data 2019304'