b'C R A F T B E E RNO ALCOHOL U K CJUST GOT PUNKED UP.R A F T K E GPunk AF lives up to its billing. All the attitude, all the flavour but none of the alcohol. Say hello to the Punkest alcohol free beer in town. Juicy tropical fruit mixes it up with grassy and pine notes. All sitting on a solid malt bassline. Full flavour, no alcohol, all Punk.Punk AF - Punked up alcohol free beer.Available in 20L Key Keg & CanB R E W D O GA B E R D E E N S H I R EAt BrewDog we are on a mission to make other people as passionate about great craft beer as we are. All we care about is brewing world-class craft beer; extraordinary beers that blow peoples minds and kick-start a revolutioPRODUCT NAME ABV % STYLE FORMATS KEY INFOClockwork Tangerine 4.5 % Tangerine Session Ale 50 30 V-S- -S- VEGANDead Pony Club 3.8 % Session IPA 50 30 V-S- -S- VEGANElvis Juice 6.5 % Grapefruit Infused IPA 30 V-S- VEGANHazy Jane 7.2 % Vermont Style IPA 30-S- VVEGANIndie Pale Ale 4.0 % Pale Ale 50 30 V-S- KEY VEGANLost Lager 4.7 % Dry Hopped Pilsner 50 V-S- VEGANNanny State 0.5 % Alcohol Free Hoppy Ale 20KEY VVEGANPunk AF 0.5 % Alcohol Free IPA 20KEYPunk IPA 5.4 % American IPA 50 30 V-S- -S- VEGANQuench Quake 4.6 % Grapefruit and Tangerine Sour 30 V-S- VEGANRaspberry Blitz 0.5 % Alcohol Free Sour 20 VKEYVEGANZombie Cake 5.0 % Chocolate Praline Porter 50292 INN EXPRESS - DRINKS PORTFOLIO 2019|20 - CRAFT BEER - UK CRAFT KEG -S-'