b'Craft I D E T O R We are driven by our passion for innovation and quality. We are dedicated to brewing beers T H E I N N E X P R E S S G Uthat create an experience and crave big flavours and character in every brew. Our core range exemplifies our commitment to consistency and excellence whilst our Alpha, Seasonal and Tempus Project show our creative and innovative approach.NECKOIL GAMMA RAY LUPULOiDSession IPA 4.3% American Pale 5.4% IPA 6.7%B E EI N K E GS ometimes it feels a little bit like dj vuCask beer marketAQ U I C KG U I D Eitis in decline, keg beer is becoming more popular. But no,served in keg form, has increased the choice and variety for8 BALL BLACKBLOODY isnt the 1970s and the keg beer that has emerged is far from being just a sweet, tasteless and fizzy mass-producedconsumers as the British beer revolution continues to spread.Rye IPA BETTY ELLby-product of beer, as it was when CAMRA was established toIt allows the new generation of brewers to experiment with6.2% 7.4% 5.5%fight the death of British Beer. So why do brewers choose keg?styles from Europe and America that have more robust hopBlack IPA Blood Orange IPATraditionally, real ale (or cask ale) has always been the ultimatevarieties, new yeast strains and different techniques, such as form of crafted ale in Britain that is unpasteurised, unfilteredbarrel aging. However, as any new emergence in the market, it and has just light carbonation that allows all the flavours tohas had different reactions from pubs and bars.come through on the palate.One of the biggest misconceptions is, that keg is an easier The new emerged wave of keg beer in the last 10 years oroption than cask and doesnt require care. This couldnt be so has overcome the reputation of a mass-produced productfurther from the truth, as a lot of the brewers choose not to that compromises on flavour. Techniques that have been testedpasteurise or filter their beers even when using keg containers, and approved by the on-trade, such as correct cooling, servicethe appropriate care and attention needs to be paid to reduce and a recognition that some beer styles benefit from beingwaste, increase yield and avoid disappointed customers.H E R EA R EAF E WT I P SENSURE YOUR GAS SETTINGS ARE CORRECT LINE CLEANING IS ESSENTIAL BEAVO 4.4%Beavo is a light, crisp, smashable, Most keg beers use either mixed gas or CO2 gas; they come in differentThis cannot be emphasised enoughone of the reasons your beer is fobbingCzech Style Pilsner sessionable beer packed with lightly settings. Your supplier should provide you with all the technical specificationscan be because of the yeast that has settled in the pipelines, wasting half akilned pilsner malt, bright and floral of the beer upon request. So if the maintenance of keg ales is almost identicalpint into the drip tray every time a pint is poured. Ensure your lines are cleanedPivo is the Czech name for beerand when itnoble German hops and fermented to cask beer, what is the benefit, you ask? Apart from benefitting the taste ofevery 7 days at least, or ideally every time you change a keg, if thats somethingcomes to Czech beer you think of lager, Pilsnerwith a traditional German lager some beer styles, kegs provide stability to unfiltered beers. When the keg arrivesyour business can allow. There are different automated line cleaning servicesstyle lager to be exact. yeast. No bony phoney baloney, into your cellar, it needs less time to settle and be ready to serve, as there isthat ensure quality dispensing and reduce waste. Pull the beer through the linesjust Dead. Good. Lager Well, meet Beavo. Our take on this, most iconic no second fermentation processits a finished product. As a pressurisedbefore serving the first pint of the day, as it has been sitting in the pipe overnightof beer stylescontainer, the keg helps to retain its flavour for longer and as an unfiltered beer,and wouldnt taste very pleasant and will probably be warm.it means its less susceptible to changes in its surrounding conditions.DONT MOVE THE KEG TOO MUCH BEFORE USESome beers may have yeast sediment at the bottom, and your customers UNPASTEURISED AND/OR UNFILTERED BEER?wouldnt appreciate having a pint, that looks like soup TREAT IT SIMILAR TO CASK BEER. (Well. unintentionally anyway!)That means it should be kept in a chilled, clean environment and not be disturbed whilst being connected to the dispensing line. Some beers areCHILL YOUR BEER BEFORE DISPENSINGkept unpasteurised to maximise the flavour, so please bear that in mind asGet the correct temperature. Temperature varies on beers and what well as the poured beer in the glass can be naturally hazy. brewers recommend, but the average temperature for most keg beers should be between 5C8C. 288 K E GF I T M E N T&G A S G U I D E-P A G E 3 2 2'