b'new OSSETT CORE RANGE 213MM X 300MM ADVERT (2).pdf 1 05/06/2019 16:01F riends Rich Bartram and Ron Morgan each run successful businesses. 10 years ago, they had the idea of a beer festival to raise funds for their local village school. With a mutual interest in real ale and craft beer, they went on to create and launch their Two Crafty Brewers company.GOLDEN BEAST | English Bitter4.2% abvA quaffable English bitter brewed with Marris Otter Barley &CASK crystal malts. Centennial & cascade hops giving a roundedONLYsmooth finish.CMYAMERICAN IPA | India Pale Ale CM5.0% abv MYCASKA generously hopped IPA brewed with Citra hops. FantasticCYONLY fruitaromas,dryhoppedtwicegivingaresinoushopCMYcharacter.KCRAFTY BLONDE | Pale Ale3.8% abvSmooth&lightblondepalealebrewedwithbestMarrisCASK Otter Malt. Dry hopped with admiral hops. ONLYX PR ESS . C O- E MN 0 1 7 8 94 8 8 0 0 8NEXCLUSIVEIMADE JUST FOR US S A L E S @ I N N - E X P R E S S . C O M02est 20281'