b'C A S K A L EA V A I L A B L E Cask AleA L L Y E A RT H E E S S E N T I A LG U I D EIf you havent sold cask ale before, or you are trying to attract cask ale drinkers back to your business it can be quite daunting.Dont worry though we offer support to all our cask ale customers.Ranging from CAMRA accredited venues to new adopters.To help guide you through have a read through our essential guide and we are sure you will find the confidence to join (or rejoin) the cask revolutionSo whats different about cask ale as opposed to lagers, stouts & smooth bitters? It is unpasteurised It is a living product Once on sale it has a shorter shelf life than most other beers(cask ale should aim to be sold within 2-3 days) It needs conditioning in the cellarTheoretically you become the brewer when cask ale is delivered as it is not ready to serve straight away.It needs to be taken through what is called secondary fermentation or conditioning in the cellar so you have to be prepared to work a little bit harder to get this beer in perfect condition.So lets start with what you need to serve the best quality cask ale to your customers with the minimum amount of wastageA sturdy, steady surface - a full rkin weighs about 50kgA pair of pliers or gripsA sterile tap - in closed positionSterile Wooden Pegs - Hard & soft spiles ChocksA friend - to help lift the rkin if youre not feeling strong A rubber or wooden mallet - if you dont have either, a hammer and block of wood will doPatience - time is your friend.A cask needs time (2-6 hours) to settle after delivery & a further 24-48 hours conditioning before saleCHOCKS TAP SPILESoftHard264 INN EXPRESS - DRINKS PORTFOLIO 2019|20 - CASK ALE - CORE RANGE'