b'C A S K A L EThe A V A I L A B L E A L L Y E A Rbeer IS CASK ALE BIG AGAIN? Cask Ale is facing a challenge with quality at the moment in some pubs. According to the recent independent reportto take into account to come up with aRANGING BY SEASON1 in every 10 cask ale purchases leaves therange that delivers a quality pint everyGetting Cask range right throughout customer disapointed. So its safe to say thattime and appeals to as many people asthe year is key, so what are the theConsumers are becoming increasinglypossible to maximise sales. key differences? disenchanted with Ales on the bar. But what needs to be done?THROUGHPUT ISUnsurprisingly, Golden Ales pick up To engage with new drinkers use at least onePARAMOUNT in the spring time, +13.4% vs. average recognised, consistent and trusted brand. throughout the yearthis is Golden From a style point of view Amber, Gold thenTHROUGHPUT Ales strongest season. Dark remains the recommended style ranging. Cooection However, analysis of regional preferences and3 days PER CASK Amber Ales also pick up at this time rates of sale shows that a second Amber Aleof year, however the summer months will deliver higher throughputs on the thirdmax are less kind, -7.6% vs. the average.handpull, moving Dark to the fourth handpullDark Ales ROS is driven almost solely where volumes allow.Never range beyond your means, be sureby performance improvements in the to sell through a cask within 3 days andwinter,up +33.% vs. the average. QUALITY IS KEY use a CATT test, checking the clarity,The Amber Ale category is the most Alongside knowing your venues throuput, wearoma, taste, and temperature of theconsistent and should be ranged consider this to be the most important factorbeer each day to manage quality.4.5Gall year round. Golden Ales require when looking to succeed in selling cask ale.pins are also a great way of offeringmore space in the spring and summer According to a recent survey, 40% of drinkersmore cask ale with less expenditure andmonths, whilst range Dark in the will avoid the pub where they experienced anautumn and winter.off Ale, whilst 37% would tell others aboutpotential wasteit. This equates to a heavy share of drinkers both not returning and telling others not toRANGING BY STYLE IMPORTANCE OF CASKvisit a site where poor Cask Ale is served. So with all the work that cask ale takes to make a success. Is it worth it? CASK RANGING FOR67% OF UK VOL Well, YES? QUALITY AMBER PREFFERED BY 41% Taking cask off the bar has a -4.4% Ranging Cask Ale can be complicatednegative impact on volume ROS on and confusing, but it is so important as28% OF UK VOL total sales.This is a bigger impact the Cask drinker has a strong influenceGOLD PREFFERED BY 44% lagerthan removing a classic or premium on the choice of outlet for mixed groups of drinkers. There are multiple factors5% OF UK VOLDARK PREFFERED BY 15% Sources: Marstons Eureka! Survey19, CGA OPMS w/e 23rd Mar19 INN EXPRESS - DRINKS PORTFOLIO 2019|20 - CASK ALE - CORE RANGE 263'