b'SOFT DRINKS & SNACKSINTRODUCINGSPORT & ENERGY DRINKSEmerge Energy 250ml x 24 Luc Spt Mango & Passion Fruit PET 500ml x 12 VVEGANRed Bull250ml x 24 Lucozade Sport Orange PET 500ml x 12 VVEGANRed Bull Sugar Free250ml x 24 Lucozade Sport Raspberry PET 500ml x 12 VVEGANRed Bull Tropical250ml x 12#EscapeTheFlowLucozade Energy Orange PET 380ml x 24 VVEGANLucozade Energy Original PET 380ml x 24 VVEGANLuc Sport Brazillian Guava PET 500ml x 12 VVEGAN@upstreamdrinksallergens IMPORTANT INFORMATIONALL ALLERGEN DATA HAS BEEN PROVIDED BY THE RELEVANT PRODUCER AND IS UP TO DATE AT TIME OF PRINTING.PLEASE CONTACT PRODUCER FOR UP TO DATE AND/OR ADDITONAL INFORMATIONINN EXPRESS - DRINKS PORTFOLIO 2019|20 - SOFT DRINKS & SNACKS 255'