b'DOUBLE VISIONSOFT DRINKS & SNACKSDouble Dutch is a range of premium, low calorie soft drinks created byDutch twins, Raissa and Joyce De Haas. Combining unusual flavours, theirdrinks have been specifically designed to enhance the taste of higher-qualityspirits, while offering a playful alternative to less exciting mixers. Joyce and Raissa have always experimentedDouble Dutch are now available in 23Double Lemon - Double Lemon, like all of with mixers and created their own syrups tocountries including the US and SingaporeDouble Dutchs flavours, stays in the theme of liven up other less exciting drinks. After beingand they are now selling just under 1 millioneverything double, that is double as deliciousraised in the Netherlands, the birth place ofbottles per month world-wide. As well asand double refreshing. Double Dutch vision gin, its only expected that they have a naturaltheir global expansion, they have recentlyis that lemonade should never be boring -affinity with superlative drinks and excellentlaunched in 208 Waitrose stores around thewhich is why the new Double Dutchblendings. Throughout their childhoodUK with three of their award-winning flavourslemonade is a blend of lemon with a whisper they were exposed to regular high-qualityincluding Cucumber & Watermelon, of lime.tastings, as their family home had an alcoholPomegranate & Basil and Indian Tonic.license where their parents would import aIndian Tonic Water- A very delicatevariety of spirits to be enjoyed by friends andtonic water with a hint of juniper berry and family. When they attended the University ofgrapefruitAntwerp studying finance, they wouldregularly throw parties and always encouragedDouble Dutch Indian tonic is made with Juniper friends to bring spirits for which Raissa andand pink grapefruit as the main flavours, Joyce would create their own mixers withwhich lengthens the finish of their tonic ingredients they could easily source. Theyand reduces the intense bitter after-taste to quickly learned that they wanted to followwhich many people object. their passion for high-quality, fun mixers soin 2014 Joyce and Raissa moved to the UK Skinny TonicJust like their Indian tonic to study at UCL. They devoted their year, water, Double Dutch Skinny tonic wasand their dissertation, to exploring and developed to rounds out the flavour of spirits. understanding the mixer market. With pink grapefruit bringing piquancy to thefirst taste and juniper berry balancing quinines Cucumber & Watermelon - Slightly sweetcrispness, theres nothing skinny about this aroma with a refreshing and crisp tasteslimline mixer. profile.Ginger BeerGinger is a natural ingredient While cucumber has a traditional affinity forin many mixers, but no other ginger beer gin and lighter summer fizzes, the additionaloffers the spiciness and depth of flavour thatA range of natural, award winningnatural sugar and depth from the watermelon Double Dutch provides. Using three different200ml allows Double Dutchs Cucumber & gingers and a hint of lime, Double Dutchflavours designed to pair perfectly withbottles also Watermelon mixer to support any LondonGinger Beer offers a fresh and juicy flourishavailabledry or citric gins.to the mix. your favourite spirit.Pomegranate & Basil - Herbaceous aromaGinger Ale - What makes the Double DutchRaised in the Netherlands, Double Dutchs twin founders, Joyce and Raissa,with a peppery finish. Ginger Ale so special? Its the unique blend The De Haas twins became frustrated by theof natural ginger with a touch of cardamonhave a natural affinity with superlative drinks and excellent blendings. Flavours:fact that while the global market led to betterA complex flavour profile that straddlesthat brings a resinous depth to this deliciousAfter all, they come from the birthplace of gin! But their love affair turned to Cucumber & Watermelonquality and more choice in spirits, the mixerssweet and tart but also offers a tannin notesoft drink, creating a rewarding flavour thatfrustration. While the worlds choice of spirits has continued to grow, Cranberry Tonicdesigned to accompany the spirits remainedto provide body and structureBasilssatisfies the palate.Ginger Beerbland and unexciting. After graduating withacidic and peppery flavour offers a superbmixers and sodas have remained bland . less of a twin, more of a shadow. Pomegranate & Basilan MSc in Technology Entrepreneurship andcounterbalance to pomegranate, deliveringDouble Dutch mixers have revolutionized theIndian Tonic Waterreceiving the 2015 Foodpreneur Winner asa herbaceous, exotic mid-taste that supportsenjoyment of spirits. With complex flavoursSkinny Tonic WaterBritains most innovative F&B retail brand,any botanical or fruit-flavoured gin. that augment spirits, satisfying aromasDouble Dutch is the result of this love affair - uniting great spirits Soda Waterthey went through the meticulous and than enhance each drink and superlativewith complementary mixers that enliven and enhance. Ginger Aletechnological process of flavour developmentCranberry & GingerThe astringency ofquality and smoothness to delight the palate,Double Lemonto create their debut mixers Pomegranatequinine and the balanced sweetnsour ofDouble Dutch is much more than double the & Basil and Cucumber & Watermelon, bothcranberry, are both warmly followed bytaste sensation, it is a way of discovering adoubledutchmix doubledutchdrinks doubledutchdrinksof which received rave reviews when theygingers complex spiciness resulting is a lightwhole new world of mixed drinks. launched in 2015. summery aroma with a lovely warm finish.236 doubledutchdrinks.comINN EXPRESS - DRINKS PORTFOLIO 2019|20 - SOFT DRINKS & SNACKS'