b'The perfect serve AvailablePoint of Sale assets Strawberry & BasilGarnish withcut strawberry on glass and strawberryTo help our partners present our unique proposition to consumers, pieces and either mint or basil leaves in drink. Goes particularly well with fish, vegetarian and dessert dishes. we offer the following POS assets.Evoking a juicy ros withOn-Tradea wild strawberry and basil perfume.Elderflower & LimeGarnish with a stick of lemongrass and a twist of lime in the drink. Enjoy this Kolibri with antipasti or sushi.Strut Cards Drink Mats Vertical TentsDelicate, refreshing with uplifting lemongrass Retailscents.Cardamom & ChilliCut a fresh chilli lengthways, just enoughto release some spiciness and add it to your drink with a single star anise or a few cardamom seeds. Try drinking with grilled meats, tagines or aubergines.Bold aromas of cardamomShelf Wobblers Consumer leaflet Shelf Barkersand a chilli pep!For further information regarding all POS assets, please email info@kolibridrinks.co.ukkolibridrinks.co.uk kolibridrinks.co.uk 233kolibri_Inn-Express_4pp_08-19.indd 3-4 22/08/2019 11:18:31'