b'Kolibri Drinks the magicis in the cap!The worlds first bespoke drinks with sweetness tailored to your taste.The concept of customisable drinks is a game-changer for consumers who wantLusciously combined with notes of smooth caramel and juicy apple, the agave adds sweetness and healthy, great tasting and indulgenta more complex flavour, enhancing the different botanical notes of the drink with each measure.options but also new experiences, engaging ritual and theatre. The rise of Co-creation of drinks and focus on personalisation are prevalent in manyAlcohol-Freecategories such as coffee or cocktails but packaged soft drinks have never explored this territory. Kolibri was created to ensure that guests can enjoy crafting their own bespoke drinks to match their individual and unique needs. is a massive trend.Mass-produced and standardised approach to food and drinks must change because guests expect their unique preferences recognised and catered to, especially in the hospitality sector. You cant control everything in your life, but you can control what you put in your body.58% 61%1/3 Would like to tryWould like a Are moderatingbespoke softgreater range of their alcohol intake drink creations adult soft drinks74% 1 in 5 43%Would like to cutUK consumersSee soft drinks as the down on sugar do not drinkbest alternative alcohol to alcohol52% 65%Perceive current softAre prepared to pay more drinks as boring for drinks perceived as premiumSize: 300ml + 15ml (nectar in cap). No artificial sweeteners and maximum of 40kcal per bottle.bestbest Cap/bestbest paCkaging Closure artisanpremium 2019 2019 drink drink 2019Winner Winner Winner WinnerDegustaBox consumer research 2019. Sources: Euromonitor, Soft Drinks Global Industry Overview. CGA OPMS On Trade MAT 30.12.2017.GlobalData 2016 Q4 global consumer survey. Nielsen & CGA, Total Market, MAT TY to Dec 2017. Kantar Worldpanel Total Grocery, 12 w/e data to 08 Oct 7. Kantar Worldpanel LinkQ survey, Feb 2018kolibridrinks.co.uk kolibridrinks.co.uk 231kolibri_Inn-Express_4pp_08-19.indd 1-2 22/08/2019 11:18:17'