b'bag iin boxRECOGNISED BRANDSOFFER YOUR CUSTOMERS RENOWNED BRANDS WHILST STILL SAVING MONEYLARGE & VARIED SELECTION AVAILABLEAVAILABLE RANGE INCLUDES STILL ORANGE & PASSION FRUIT JUICESTILL APPLE & MANGO JUICETRADITIONAL LEMONADESPARKLING ORANGE CRUSHSPARKLING DANDELION & BURDOCKPLUS MORE.WHY SWITCH TO A POST MIX SYSTEM?SAVE TIMEServe hundreds of drinks from a single bag-in-box; no more lost staff time spent restocking fridgesSAVE SPACESay goodbye to stacks of bottles & cans. Store a whole warehouse right under the bar. Just 10 syrup reservoirs can yield 1,200 liters of finished productSAVE THE ENVIRONMENTSwitching to a Bag in Box syrup concentrate will not only significantly reduce transport-related emissions, it will also reduce the volume of disposable packaging your bar producesSAVE MONEYIn many cases a post mix system can actually be cheaper per litreINN EXPRESS - DRINKS PORTFOLIO 2019|20 - SOFT DRINKS & SNACKS 215'