b'10 YEARS ofCredited as pioneers of the gin renaissance, Sipsmith and its three founders started the first copper pot ginFor inspiration on all things sippabledistillery in London for nearly two hundred years, bringing London Dry Gin of uncompromising quality back join us @sipsmith to the city where it earned its name. After celebrating their 10th birthday in April this year, Sipsmith remains thePlease sip responsibly.quintessential expression of a classic London Dry Gin, hand crafted by a team of passionate and skilled distillers. Sipsmith London Dry Gin Sipsmith Sloe GinLemon Drizzle GinOrange& Cacao GinABV 41.6% | 70cl ABV 29% | 50cl ABV 40.4% | 50cl ABV 40% | 50clOur London Dry Gin is hand crafted by ourInordertocraftthisBritishclassic,weA light, bright & zesty twist to a classicCitrus gins have been around for centuries, dedicated team of distillers in the originaldistil our award-winning London Dry GinLondon Dry. Inspired by the citrus ginsbut this modern take is also inspired by the birthplace of gin, London. We distil it in smallon our copper stills. We then leave it to restfrom the early 1900s, we take our classicpopular flavour combination of chocolate batches on traditional copper pot stills usingon wild sloe berries for 3-4 months beforeLondonDryGinandlayeronsweetand orange. Here we dial up the juniper a classic ten botanical recipe. Bold, complextasting and declaring the batch ready. Thesundriedlemonpeels,lemonverbenaand, using an age-old tradition, sweeten with and aromatic, this gin is an ideal choice for aresult is a truly handmade sloe gin that isfor aromatic sweetness on the nose, andplenty of liquorice. Next we add an array of beautifully rich and balanced G&T. subtle, complex and bursting with flavour.vapour-infused fresh hand-peeled lemonsbotanicals from orange blossom to cacao Oursloeginisperfectforcocktailsorfor sharp bite. nibs, before resting the gin on fresh orange charming enough to be sipped on its own. zest for a wonderfully complex, citrus gin.THE CLASSIC G&T THE PINK G&T LEMON DRIZZLE G&T CHOCOLATE ORANGE G&T2010 Years of Sipsmith.indd 16-17 19/07/2019 12:27'