b'NO ALCOHOLKEY FACTS of the population(12.7 million adults)have not drunk in the past 12 months(Kantar)The Four in ten respondents are planning on reducing their alcohol intake in the next STRAWBERRY BASIL SMASH12 months:48% of 18-24 year olds 50ml FlureLOW are planning onreducing their alcohol12.5ml Real Strawberry Syrupconsumptionover the next 12 months,25ml Finest Call single pressed Lemon juice this rises to55% of 25-34 year oldsand Small handful basil49% of 35-44 year olds&h o l (Harris Interactive survey of 1,754 respondents, Dec 2018) 4 millionCONSUMERS ARE LOOKING FOR ALTERNATIVES TO ALCOHOLno of consumers woulddrink a lowor no alcoholversion of alcoholic drinks(Harris Interactive survey of 1,754 respondents, Dec 2018)Brits pledged to go alcohol freeA l c o FLURE bursts with botanicals that issue afor a month last year(Alcohol Change UK)complex yet balanced taste and ensure a uniqueThey are also planning on cutting down after-bite that normally only alcoholic drinks have. on a longer term basisIt is a luxurious drink for everyone who wants to live a more mindful life and at the same time refuses to compromise on anything. A high growth market: Cooection FLURE LOWGRONI FLURE & TONIC The no alcohol sector 30 ml Flure 65 ml Flure 620,00020 ml red vermouth Premium tonic water has seen an additional 20 ml Campari Ice cubesFresh orange peel Fresh mintA slice of lemonSHOPPERSPour Flure, red vermouth and Campari into a mixingFill a coppa glass full with glass. Add ice and stirice. Add Flure and top until chilled. Strain intowith premium tonic water. this year(Kantar Jan 2019)your glass and garnishStir gently for a perfect with an orange peel. balance. Garnish with 182 fresh mint and a slice of lemon.'